About Anime on the Brain

Nathan Van Der Sluys – Owner/Founder

I know what you’re thinking at this point, “How the *&%$ do you pronounce that last name?” The best way I can describe how to pronounce it is add a “S” on the front of “Loose.” Either do that or you can follow this Link to the pronunciation of Sluice. Its a Dutch name.

Why did I start a blog? For the money, obviously. Don’t you see all the anime bloggers that are at the top of the Forbes 100 list? Seriously, I enjoy writing and anime so I thought starting this blog would be a fun way to explore those two interests of mine.

Why should I care about your opinion? Good question. You can decide for yourself if my writing interests you or not. If I provide compelling content that keeps you coming back for more, great. If not, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you decide it’s not your cup of tea. That’s fine, we all have different tastes. I just hope to provide you with something worth coming to read. That being said, I want to provide content that interests you so please feel free to let me know if there’s an anime out there that you’d like to be reviewed.

What makes this blog unique? I’ve visited a few of the more popular anime blogs out there and, while they provide a great amount of information, I came away with a feeling like there was so much info on things I don’t particularly care about. It’s not to say that the topics I saw covered aren’t interesting or bad, it’s just I don’t want to have to sift through a site to find some interesting tidbits on the anime I enjoy. That being said, this blog will mainly focus on Action, Fantasy, some Sports, and a few very popular anime. I have a few ideas for recurring articles that might go outside those areas but that’s not where the focus will be.

What will also make this blog unique is that I’m just a regular guy and intend to write articles in that fashion. If you want in-depth analysis into the art style of a fight between two main characters, you won’t find that here. The focus from Anime on the Brain will be on the overall experience you get from watching the anime.

Ultimately I want to help provide an answer to the question “Is this anime fun to watch?”

What can we expect from Anime On The Brain? Initially my goal is to provide at least one article a day. That number could increase based on new episodes of anime being released and reviewed, but look for a steady stream of articles on a daily basis. I’m also planning on releasing one video a month. That’s a completely new field for me so I’ll be learning as I go!

About Me I’m a resident of the U.S. who loves anime. By day I’m an accountant, in the morning and at night I’m an aspiring anime blogger. My focus right now is to provide worthwhile reviews of current anime, post lists of my favorite anime, and hopefully give some love to anime that aren’t as main stream. Go take a look at what anime I recommend and you’ll get the picture. I want this blog to serve it’s readers so if there’s a particular anime/topic/article that you want to see more of please feel free to let me know!