Attack on Titan Episode 19 Review

Attack on Titan Episode 19 - Eren

Commander Erwin’s plan is now out in the open.

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The entire reason for the expedition was to attempt to capture a titan. Did Commander Erwin know that it was going to be the Female Titan? Did Erwin think that it was going to be either the Armored Titan or the Colossal Titan? Just who is this enemy that has three titans at its disposal? Nothing is clear so far.

Attack on Titan episode 19 is all about how difficult it is to make decisions under pressure. Eren Jaeger is forced to decide whether or not he’s going to transform into his titan form in order to fight the Female Titan. He recalls his memories of training to use his titan ability with Squad Levi and decides to trust in Captain Levi and the other squad members. His faith is rewarded when the Female Titan is captured.

Just like Mikasa’s speech back during the Battle for Trost, Attack on Titan does something different with a typical anime moment. If you remember, Mikasa’s speech was done during a time when all of the recruits were cowering in fear. They were all basically paralyzed, just waiting to be eaten by the titans. Mikasa arrived and told everyone that they were worthless scum and that she would blaze the trail to the supply depot. It was kind of an anti-inspirational speech which ended up having the same effect.

In episode 19, Captain Levi took a moment where we would typically see an anime character give an impassioned speech that would make the correct decision clear and said “there’s no right answer, do what you want.” Is Eren making the right choice turning into a titan? Maybe. Should he trust in his squad? Possibly. One thing’s for sure, Eren will have to make a decision and live with what happens next. In this instance, things worked out.

Attack on Titan Episode 19 - Female Titan
The Female Titan being captured by the Survey Corps

The obvious question now is who’s inside the titan? Levi intends to find out, but we’ll have to wait for Attack on Titan episode 20 for that. They sure do know how to leave you hanging at the end of every episode. Now I just want to continue binge watching so my question will get answered. It’s just another thing that this anime does well.

I am a little bit surprised that the Female Titan was not able to catch up to Squad Levi. We did see her in the previous episode have no issues with catching up to the squad captain that was attempting to flee and warn the rest of the Survey Corps. He even had a head start. Yet here we are watching her stay at the same distance for about 20 minutes. I know that there were Survey Corps members trying to slow her down but it didn’t seem like they were too effective at it. I felt like this was the one part that was a little inconsistent to the rest of the anime.

Is Attack on Titan Episode 19 Worth Watching?

I really do feel like a broken record at this point. Yes, Attack on Titan episode 19 is worth watching. We now have our first chance to get a glimpse at who the real enemy is. All that’s left is to carve them out of the neck of the Female Titan. One thing’s for sure, this anime is never short of suspense. I’m going to have to watch something that’s more on the silly side once this is all said and done. Maybe I’ll go back to One Piece.

Now go watch some anime!

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