Black Clover Episode 161 Review

Black Clover Episode 161 - Yuno

This is the first time since I started watching Black Clover again that the anime put together two back-to-back quality episodes.

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It’s a dark day for the Golden Dawn. Their ranks have basically been cut in half now that Zenon and his minions have shown up for Captain Vangeance. Yuno arrives on the battlefield but he’s too late to save most of his comrades.

This provides us with one of the few times we’ve seen Yuno show emotion as he explodes in anger and takes down one of Zenon’s lieutenants, Gaderois Godroc. Yuno then hurries on to find the other lieutenant, Foyal Migusteau, fighting with Klaus and Letoile. With Yuno and Letoile’s help, Klaus is able to land the finishing blow.

Zenon is then revealed to be too powerful for anyone in the Golden Dawn to oppose. He makes quick work of Yuno and the others and takes away Vangeance. Vangeance’s parting spell makes sure that the losses suffered by the Golden Dawn are minimized as much as possible. The squad still suffers substantial damage as a result of the attack.

This is more like it Black Clover! You finally pieced together two episodes that were on topic and weren’t full of filler and fluff. While it was sad to see the Golden Dawn get beat down in the way that it was, I’m hopeful now that Yuno has the proper motivation to get stronger. It wouldn’t be fun to watch if the good guy had an easy time of things, right?

Black Clover Episode 161 - Zenon's devil powers

With the utter dismantling of the Golden Dawn, it does raise the question of how big of a power difference is there between the Spade and Clover kingdoms. Yuno had no chance against Zenon even though the devil user was only using 55% of his power. The lieutenants were as powerful as the Magic Knight captains and they were only able to use 40% of the devil’s power. How is the Clover Kingdom going to survive?

By bringing up questions like this, I can only thing that Pierrot has done a good job of getting us to buy in to what’s happening. By creating a story that includes the suspense of “Will the good guy win in the end” you heighten the drama and keep people coming back. I know that I want to watch the next episode.

The only part that would make me hesitate is my recent experiences with Black Clover. They did just give us Black Clover episode 159 after all. A full episode devoted to the girls talking about who’s dating who and Charmy’s eating problems was not what I wanted to see right after the battle with the Spade Kingdom kicked off. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

With that aside, it does feel like Black Clover is finally back on track. There’s a reason that this anime is as popular as it is and Black Clover episode 161 is a good example of why. We got a compelling story partnered up with some good action. Hopefully this keeps up.

Is Black Clover Episode 161 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 161 is worth watching. It’s worth watching for all of the reasons listed above. I’m glad the anime has found it’s footing again.

Now go watch some anime!

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