Black Clover Episode 162 Review

Black Clover Episode 162 - Asta raging after Gauche was impaled

The Dark Triad is proving that they’re just too much for anyone to handle.

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Last week Zenon had his chance to demonstrate his power by destroying the Golden Dawn. This week, Dante gets to show off what he’s capable of by taking on the Black Bulls. Vanica’s on the cusp of doing the same in the Heart Kingdom as well. I guess it wouldn’t be a good story if it was easy to take down the bad guys.

The happy-go-lucky feel of Black Clover episode 162 quickly goes away with the arrival of the Dark Triad. Really, at the beginning of the episode I was wondering if Black Clover was going to do to us what it did with episodes 158 and 159.

Episode 158 was the beginning of hostilities with the Spade Kingdom. It’s the episode where we saw the slow moving base that was fueled by the mana of the weaker subjects of the Spade Kingdom. Asta quickly jumped into action in taking the base down while Luck and Leopold ran roughshod over a Spade Kingdom base. It was the beginning of the war and I was relieved to finally be past the filler episodes, or so I thought.

Black Clover episode 159 was a disappointment. I can sum it up in one sentence, the girls took a bath and talked about boys while Charmy has to be reigned in by Asta and Rill. The seriousness of the previous episode was gone. I would’ve been better served to just skip over to episode 160.

Thankfully that same thing does not happen here. Instead, the casual atmosphere drops faster than Asta at the hands of Dante’s gravity magic. It’s clear from the very beginning of the fight with the Black Bulls that there is very little hope of defeating the devil user. He’s just too much for the Black Bulls present at the hideout.

Black Clover Episode 162 - Dante making the Black Bull hideout float

Despite not giving up and putting on a heroic effort, Asta, Gauche, Vanessa, Henry and Grey can’t stop Dante from doing as he pleases. For his troubles, Gauche ends up with a sword through his stomach. Vanessa also learns that Dante wants her to be his woman. I’m sure he’ll try to take her by force.

Things don’t look too good for the Black Bulls right now. Even though Asta has gone into a rage as a result of Gauche’s impalement, he can still only manage to scratch Dante. I’m really just wondering when Yami will show up and this fight will escalate to the next level. I thought he was going to make a grand appearance and stop Gauche from taking a sword to the stomach, but I was wrong.

Is Black Clover Episode 162 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 162 is worth watching. When Black Clover really gets going with the action it’s a blast to watch. When Asta gets worked up and uses his devil powers it’s a lot of fun to watch. With both of those things happening here it just makes things even better.

The fighting was on par with anything else we’ve seen in the anime so far. It’s a reminder why Black Clover has become popular. If I could just forget about the 20 or so episodes leading up to this that would make everything better. Hopefully from here we’ll get more of this.

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