Black Clover Episode 164 Review

Black Clover Episode 164 - Charmy's magic

Charmy might be the most frightening character in all of Black Clover.

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As a kid, did you ever hear the phrase “Eat your food, there’s starving kids in (insert impoverished nation here)!” The argument is that you should be thankful for the food in front of you because others are not as fortunate. While I’ve come to appreciate that sentiment more as I’ve gotten older and know how hard it can be to put food on the table, there’s a new phrase that should be more motivating now. “Be thankful for your food and don’t waste it because if you don’t, Charmy will show up and cook you!”

That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? It feels like a German children’s story from the 1800s. Don’t waste food or else the big bad wolf, controlled by Charmy, will cook you and eat you. I know that’d make me finish my broccoli!

Joking aside, we got to see Charmy and the other members of the Clover Kingdom show off what they’ve learned from their training in the Heart Kingdom. Black Clover episode 164 was essentially a showcase for Charmy and Leopold to show off their power. What a showcase it was too!

Charmy and Leopold, along with Luck in the previous episode, have proven that they’re more powerful than the Spirit Guardians. Gaja was the only Spirit Guardian that was able to take down a Dark Disciple. It’s a good thing that the group from the Clover Kingdom got the training that it did or else they’d be in some big trouble right now.

Even with that training the Dark Triad is proving to be too much for anyone that tries to fight them. Despite Yami’s attack landing a good blow, Dante heals himself and reveals the big evil plan. The Dark Triad plans on using William Vangeance’s World Tree Magic and Yami Sukehiro’s Dark Magic to create the Tree of Qliphoth.

The Tree of Qliphoth is essentially a bridge between the human world and the underworld. When completed, it will allow devils to freely enter the human world. I don’t think I need to explain why this would be a bad thing for humanity. This is now the main point of contention between the two sides. The Dark Triad are trying to open the gates and let the devils in while everyone else attempts to stop them.

Black Clover Episode 164 - Dante explaining the Dark Triad's goal of creating the Tree of Qliphoth

At this point I kind of wish that I haven’t been keeping up with the manga. It’s hard to not go ahead and reveal what happens. It also kills any sense of suspense.

What I will say is that I think Black Clover has done a good job of creating villains that appear to be invincible. At this point in the anime, it feels like the Dark Triad cannot be stopped.

When you stop to think about what we’ve seen so far, you can’t help but notice that no one has posed a serious threat to the Dark Triad yet. The Magic Knights have only managed to take down some of the Dark Disciples. Some of those fights were more difficult than others, but it’s still only defeating lackeys. The Dark Triad has yet to be taken down.

Yuno was swatted down like a fly when he fought Zenon, who then promptly kidnapped Vangeance. Vanica has already cursed Lolopechka and killed Noelle’s mom. Dante may have taken a strike to the chest from Yami but he’s far from down and out. It doesn’t appear that anyone can bring down this group of evil siblings.

I suppose that Black Clover wouldn’t be as exciting if the bad guys were taken down with ease. There has to be a credible threat for Asta and friends in order for us to really get into the fighting. I’m curious now how the gap in power will be overcome as the Dark Triad is obviously heads and shoulders above everyone else.

Is Black Clover Episode 164 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 164 is worth watching. I always enjoy watching anime characters show off their powers when they get angry. Charmy did just that here. She’s not someone who you want mad at you.

Besides that, Leopold’s fight was interesting enough to watch. You could tell where things were going after a while but it was still a satisfying ending. He’s just another Black Clover character that has shown the ability to surpass his limits! Sorry, I couldn’t help but put that in here.

The main benefit of watching Black Clover episode 164 is to find out about the Tree of Qliphoth. We now know what the Dark Triad is after. Now the question is can they be stopped? I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Now go watch some anime!

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