Black Clover Episode 165 Review

Black Clover Episode 165 - Noelle's Valkyrie Armor Mermaid Form

It’s the ladies turn to show off what they’ve learned.

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As good as it was to see Noelle, Lolopechka, Mimosa and Nero take on Vanica, it’s obvious who the target audience was for Black Clover episode 165. Between the Dark Disciple who’s magic ability turned his tongue into a tentacle and Noelle’s new armor, Black Clover is appealing hard to the 13-34 male demographic. I feel like it was a little bit unnecessary.

Actually, I felt like Black Clover was one step away from crossing the line. It was like the decision was made to have a little bit of a beach filler episode while also throwing in a villain from a tentacle hentai. That’s the overwhelming feeling I walked away with.

I get it, Black Clover is a Shonen anime. 13-18 year old’s are going to want to see female characters with a little clothing as possible. Some of them even want to see the stupid tentacle thing. I don’t think it adds that much to the story and therefore think it’s just a shameless push for attention.

Besides this annoyance with Black Clover episode 165, I thought what was offered to us was pretty entertaining to watch. The teamwork between the ladies of the Clover Kingdom with the queen of the Heart Kingdom was easy to understand and made sense. Noelle and Lolopechka should work together as teammates considering they both use water magic. Nero coming in at the end to seal Vanica was the perfect sneak attack.

The focus on the Dark Triad member was a nice touch as well. If Vanica isn’t taken down then her Dark Disciples will continue to resurrect themselves. Their power is linked to her power. There’s no point in fighting the Dark Disciples if Vanica is still up and kicking.

Black Clover Episode 165 - Clover Kingdom's spy getting found in Dante's room

The part of Black Clover episode 165 that did the most for me was the revelation that the Clover Kingdom has a spy in the Spade Kingdom. This is an incredibly dangerous task for reasons that I think are self-explanatory by now. Getting caught would mean torture and death at the hands of the Dark Triad. No thanks!

There is a spy though, and the spy is a member of the Black Bulls. His powers allow him to go into the shadows. He can also drag others into the shadows if need be. That might be just as terrifying a power as we’ve seen so far in Black Clover. Imagine being drug down into the darkness of a shadow by an unknown assailant. It’s like something straight out of a horror movie.

The spy is searching for information on the Tree of Qliphoth. At least that’s one item that the spy has uncovered while snooping around in Dante’s room. Considering it’s the main point of contention in Black Clover at the moment, I’m sure that we’ll be hearing more information about it later.

Is Black Clover Episode 165 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 165 is worth watching. There’s a little too much fanservice for my liking so you’ve been warned if you’re not a fan of that. If you are, you’ll definitely like this episode. The action is great. Noelle, Lolopechka, Mimosa and Nero are a great team. I want to see more of Noelle and Lolopechka as their abilities have a great deal of potential.

The preview for Black Clover episode 166 was all about Captain Yami. The title of the episode is “Captain: Yami Sukehiro” and it shows a bloody Yami fighting Dante. It leads me to believe that Yami will get taken just like Captain Vangeance was. We’ll have to wait and see to find out!

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