Black Clover Episode 168 Review – Episode 169 Preview

Black Clover Episode 168 - Nacht introducing himself to Asta

I don’t know what I want more, to have Yami and Vangeance rescued before they die or to have Lucifero released so Asta can take him down.

Black Clover Episode 167 Review

Black Clover episode 168 is a very necessary regrouping after the Spade Kingdom’s attack on both the Clover and Heart Kingdoms. The question is what to do next and the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht, debuts just in time to provide the necessary information. Nacht does make the plan sound a little too easy though.

Nacht’s timing here is a little too perfect if you ask me. We were just introduced to a spy in the Spade Kingdom a few episodes ago. Now he’s on the scene right after the Dark Triad’s attack to fill in the details and provide some needed training for Asta. Nacht is making things look way too easy, especially for someone who says he can’t compare to the members of the Dark Triad.

That’s a minor issue in Black Clover episode 168 as the majority of the episode gives us a necessary respite before the action starts again. I think Black Clover does a good job by not just giving us a recap of the events that just happened.

I remember recently doing a review of a Naruto episode that did a recap of the previous 12 or 13 episodes for the first half of the episode. The problem with that was I didn’t need a recap as the events were fresh. It came across as an effort to fill time and nothing else.

Instead of doing something like that, Black Clover gives us a chance to see how the Clover Kingdom expects to keep the world from ending. I much prefer this method of advancing a story. Past events are referenced in order to come up with a plan going forward. It feels like a natural progression of events.

Of course the big revelation this episode is that Nacht is both the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and a devil user himself. He actually has several devils. He seems to be the type of person that fits in with the Black Bulls. By that I mean he comes across as eccentric. Nacht appears to be just as much of a misfit as everyone else in the squad.

Black Clover Episode 168 - Yuno revealing to the captains that he's a prince of the Spade Kingdom

Besides Nacht’s introduction, there are two other smaller revelations in Black Clover episode 168. I say two, but the first one is really not much of a revelation. It’s more of a mystery that’s been discovered. The true nature of Grey’s magic is not transformation but something else.

By introducing this element here, Black Clover adds the potential of Grey developing her magic in time to “surpass her limits.” I’d actually be willing to bet that something like this is going to happen. It’s just how Black Clover likes to do it’s character development.

The other revelation is Yuno’s identity. Now everyone else knows that he’s a prince of the Spade Kingdom. Not too much is made of it. In fact, it gives a sensible explanation as to why he has so much mana. While Jack may have questions about Yuno’s loyalty after this is revealed, it doesn’t seem like Yuno’s heritage is going to be a big issue for the Magic Knights going forward.

Is Black Clover Episode 168 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 168 is worth watching. This is a good segue from the intense action we saw in the previous few episodes to the invasion that’s going to come in a few days time (in the anime). There will be some training done which will undoubtedly lead to us seeing some more powerful abilities.

I didn’t even mention the elves making an appearance at the very end of the episode yet. The elves saved Noelle, and potentially the others who were in the Heart Kingdom, and I’m guessing that they’re going to get in on the action. If the Tree of Qliphoth is going to allow devils to infiltrate the world then the elves are at risk too.

Black Clover episode 168 does a good job of building up the story to it hopefully exciting climax. It’s well worth your time.

Black Clover Episode 169 Preview

Black Clover Episode 168 - Preview of Black Clover Episode 169 "The Devil-Binding Ritual"

The title of Black Clover episode 169 is “The Devil-Binding Ritual.” Nacht is seen leading Asta into some type of creepy looking building. It’s fitting for a “Devil-Binding Ritual” to take place in I suspect. Noelle, Mimosa and Nero appear to be well. Gaja is also briefly shown to us. While Asta is training with Nacht I’m sure that the others will be training with the elves. How else are they going to surpass their limits in such short of a time?

While it does kind of feel like we’ve seen a lot of training from Black Clover lately, I don’t see any other way for Asta and friends to close the power gap that exists. Asta and Yami were the only two that were able to put up a decent fight and it took everything they had. Something has to be done, and training is the only way for it to happen.

Now go watch some anime!

Black Clover Episode 169 Review

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