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This anime episode opens up with the end of the fight between Tanjiro and the Hand Demon. We’re shown a flashback of the Hand Demon’s fight with Mr. Urokodaki which gets linked to Tanjiro’s final blow. Tanjiro looks on as the demon dissolves with a sad face, showing empathy to his vanquished foe. The Hand Demon is shown as a young boy afraid, only wanted to hold his older brother’s hand. Tanjiro walks up to the decaying body of the Hand Demon and gently holds his hand and prays that when the demon is reborn he does not suffer the same fate. The boy who was turned into the Hand Demon is shown walking hand-in-hand with his older brother while they walk back to their home. With the Hand Demon defeated, the souls of the children trained by Mr. Urokodaki that were slain by him can now rest.

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Mr. Urokodaki's students can now rest
Mr. Urokodaki’s students can now rest

The trial continues. Tanjiro continues to face demons, albeit not as strong as the Hand Demon, and ask them if there’s a way to turn demons back into people. Unsuccessful in getting an answer, Tanjiro continues to survive. He eventually makes it to the end of the trial along with three others. The boy who he rescued from the Hand Demon is nowhere to be found. From here, the surviving participants are instructed to select the ore that will make up their swords.

The remaining four
The remaining four

Once all of this is complete, Tanjiro travels back to Mr. Urokodaki’s home. He’s greeted by Nezuko who finally woke up and a tearful Mr. Urokodaki. Mr. Urokodaki explains a little more about demons and Tanjiro is given two weeks rest before his new sword arrives. The sword smith brings it to him in person, interested in seeing what color it will change. The sword smith is highly disappointed when Tanjiro’s sword turns jet black instead of the fiery red color he was expecting. Apparently so few swords actually turn black that it is viewed as a bad omen. A black crow then shows up giving Tanjiro instructions on where to go for his first mission.


This episode does more to build the story than anything else, which is fine. How can you not love Tanjiro? As I mentioned in my review of episodes 3 and 4, Tanjiro is empathetic to his vanquished foes. You get a glimpse of the Hand Demon’s past and it shows that he is in fact a victim himself. Tanjiro’s kindness at the end is heartwarming and brings hope that the boy who was turned into the Hand Demon can rest in peace.

The fact that only three other children made it out of final selection helps instill that becoming a demon slayer is a big deal. It’s interesting to note that none of the generic characters from the start of the trial made it. There is obviously something special about the other three children and I’m sure we’ll see more from them later.

There’s not much to note from the rest of the episode. Tanjiro’s return is emotional as one would expect. Mr. Urokodaki did not expect to see Tanjiro again and is genuinely happy to see him return. This is the hard-nose teacher showing that he truly cares about his student bit. The sword smith is a weird guy. His mask is kind of creepy. I’m starting to think that if you want to have any kind of character exposition in this anime you need to be a little strange.

The guy who forged Tanjiro's sword
The guy who forged Tanjiro’s sword

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