Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 6 Review


Tanjiro is off on his first mission. The anime starts with a brief explanation on the Demon Slayer uniform and it’s properties. Mr. Urokodaki also gives Tanjiro a box to carry Nezuko in during the day. Tanjiro arrives at the town in the northwest that he was instructed to go to and quickly hears rumors of young girls being abducted in the middle of the night. He passes by a young man named Kazumi who had his fiance disappear the night before. After hearing the townspeople talk, Tanjiro quickly rushes to Kazumi and asks to hear his story.

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Kazumi takes Tanjiro the the alley where his fiance, Sakoto, disappeared. Tanjiro quickly catches the scent of a demon. He then quickly begins to track down the demon much like a hound dog would, sniffing the dirt on his hands and knees, much to the dismay of Kazumi and the townspeople. As night falls the demon’s scent picks up and it leads Tanjiro and Kazumi near the home where another girl is taken.

Tanjiro tracking the demon
Tanjiro tracking the demon

Tanjiro’s keen sense of smell and his new Nichirin sword allow him to stab the ground and open up the space between the demon’s swamp and the real world. With the path open, Tanjiro’s able to grab onto the girl that was just abducted and get her away from the demon. Now the fight is on, Tanjiro gives the girl to Kazumi to watch and he confronts the demon. In reality, the demon has split itself into three different beings. Tanjiro is pushed hard in the fight, not being able to fully commit because of having to protect Kazumi and the girl. Right when it appears that one of the demon’s selves is about to land a blow on Tanjiro Nezuko pops out of the box and kicks the demon so hard his head spins around.

That has to hurt!
That has to hurt!

Nezuko views Kazumi and the girl as her own siblings. We’re shown that it is because of a hypnotic suggestion that Mr. Urokodaki put on her while Tanjiro was off for final selection. This means Nezuko will protect humans as she views them as her siblings. The anime episode closes with Nezuko joining the fight.


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 6 presents us with another solid anime episode. The way the story progresses in episode six is great. The atmosphere slowly descends into a darker tone as Tanjiro comes closer to confronting the demon. Kazumi’s despair for his lost fiance is tough to watch. You also get a sense that the rest of the town has tossed him aside. Who’s going to believe that a girl just vanishes? I love the storytelling in anime episodes like this. You creep ever closer to the evil behind everything. That brings the tension up as you know there’s a darkness waiting to be revealed. When it is revealed you want to see justice carried out.

All the while this is happening, there’s the bright light of Tanjiro shining through. He believes Kazumi’s story. I know he had some inside information but it still is shown as a relief to Kazumi. Tanjiro refuses to stop tracking down the demon, his only concern is keeping others from harm. During the fight, he focuses on protecting Kazumi and the young girl instead of sacrificing them in order to fight the demon. It’s hard to think of a character that’s more heartwarming than Tanjiro.

Nezuko is fun to watch in her own right. She’s a beast when it come to fighting. We’ve already seen her kick the head off of one demon already and here she is making another one’s head literally spin around. I can’t wait to see more from her.

On a side note, the demon that Tanjiro and Nezuko are fighting is creepy. He eats young girls. The way his teeth chatters when he’s mad is freaky. His ability to jump through the ground and walls is terrifying. The scene where he grabs the girl sleeping in bed is right out of a nightmare. Overall, well done on creating a monster.

No Thanks!
No Thanks!

Once again, this is a strong display of the talent of the animators. In each anime episode they just keep putting out one hit after another. As I’ve mentioned plenty before in my other reviews, I’m no expert in any category of the Arts, but I love watching how everything flows in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Is the episode worth watching?

As you should probably be able to tell from my review, yes, it is worth watching. I can’t wait to get to episode 7 of this anime as episode 6 left off right when things were getting good.

Now have fun and go watch some anime!

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