Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 10 Review


Tanjiro managed to cut off the head of the Arrow Demon. Before turning to ash, the Arrow Demon plans to bring Tanjiro down with him. In a desperate struggle for his life, Tanjiro unleashes move after move trying to blunt the impact of all the Arrow Demon’s attacks. Eventually, the Arrow Demon crumbles away and Tanjiro falls to the ground alive but injured. He crawls off to try to find Nezuko and help her with her battle.

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Tanjiro desperately fighting to survive
Tanjiro desperately fighting to survive

Nezuko and Yushiro continue to fight the Tamari Demon. Nezuko was healed by Tamayo and is seemingly becoming stronger by the second. Previously, Nezuko lost her leg in an attempt to kick one of the tamari thrown by the demon. Now, Nezuko is able to deflect them and eventually kick them back. This enrages the Tamari Demon and she and Nezuko start kicking the tamari back and forth. It ends with Nezuko kicking the tamari with such power that it blows by the Tamari Demon’s head, leaving a crater in the wall.

Wide left
Wide left

Watching all of this, Tamayo interrupts and begins to ask the Tamari Demon some questions. While doing this, she also casts a spell from her blood demon art. Tamayo provokes the Tamari Demon by insulting Muzan Kibutsuji. The Tamari Demon’s loyalty to Kibutsuji as well as the spell being cast by Tamayo lead the demon to speak Kibutsuji’s name. Speaking his name is considered taboo and it activates a curse. The curse rips apart the Tamari Demon and she turns to ash when the sun comes up. After this Tanjiro and Nezuko say their farewells to Tamayo and Yushiro.


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 10 is one of the episodes that draws you into the series. There’s a lot of things done right in this episode of the anime.

To start, I’ve praised the animation style of Tanjiro’s Water Breathing style in past reviews. In fact, it’s one of the things that draws me into this anime more than others. I love it and whenever I get to see it I’m instantly thrilled with the episode. Naturally, with Tanjiro tossing out move after move to save himself, the beginning of episode 10 got me into wanting to see more. I almost want to skip episodes to get to some later fights, but for the sake of these review posts of Demon Slayer I can’t do that. I will say, as an added bonus, we got to see a little bit of Tamayo’s blood demon art. That’s done particularly well too.

As far as the story goes in this episode of the anime, it drew me in and left me satisfied. There weren’t any points where I felt like something was missing. The sense of desperation in Tanjiro’s fight with the Arrow Demon was there. All Tanjiro had to do was outlast the Arrow Demon and they both knew it. The Arrow Demon was bent on bringing Tanjiro down with him and Tanjiro was set on surviving. It made for a tense opening scene that you couldn’t keep your eyes off.

Once that part was done, the story did a good job building intrigue into Nezuko. You saw her getting stronger before your eyes. Demon Slayer gave you the feeling that there’s more potential left untapped in Nezuko. Thankfully they didn’t show too much, just enough to get you interested. Tamayo stepping in to take over the fight against the Tamari Demon was a good way to do this. It made sense that a more experienced demon with powers was able to trick an immature demon into it’s own demise. Hopefully there will be a little more shown in the next battle.

Where this anime really excels is in showing that the demon’s themselves are really victims of Muzan Kibutsuji. We’ve seen it before with Nezuko, the Swamp Demon, the Hand Demon, and now with the Tamari Demon. It pulls at your heart strings to see these people turned into demons and toyed with by Kibutsuji. Tanjiro can sense it too and it enrages him. While Tanjiro is willing to kill the demons to stop them from causing death and destruction, he’s not willing to leave them alone while they fade away. Tanjiro shows compassion and empathy to the dying demons and we see it helping them as they pass on. I love this part of developing the story as well as Tanjiro’s character. Just writing about it helps draw me into the story.

Is this episode worth watching?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 10 is definitely worth watching. That’ll probably be the case with all the episodes in this anime. There is a reason it’s as popular as it is. So far there haven’t been any excursions away from the main story line (I hate filler episodes) that can be skipped over. This episode of the anime will not be a disappointment.

On to the next mission
On to the next mission

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