Fena Pirate Princess Episode 10 Review

“Beautiful but boring!” If I were to sum up Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 in a couple of words, that would be it. You could probably even extend that to most of the series barring a few episodes. At this point, I’m not exactly sure why I’m supposed to care about what’s going on. Episode 10 is a perfect example of why good storytelling is necessary because without it, all of the top rate production falls flat.

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Where can I watch Fena Pirate Princess episode 10?

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim partnered up to produce this anime. As you’d expect, you can find it at both sites. If you want to watch the most recent episode over at Crunchyroll, you’ll have to have a paid subscription. Over at Adult Swim you’ll have to log in after proving that you’ve paid for a cable subscription somewhere. Any chance of legitimately watching Fena episode 10 for free will have to come a little bit later when Crunchyroll makes it available.

Are there other places to watch episode 10? Probably. I’m sure if you have a subscription at VRV it’s available over there as well. That’s just because Crunchyroll provides their content to VRV. I wouldn’t recommend going to a pirated site and watching there. Anime is not worth compromising your security over. Just dish out the money for a subscription to Crunchyroll.

Watch Fena Pirate Princess Episode 10 at Crunchyroll or Adult Swim

How was the story in Fena Pirate Princess episode 10?

If you’ve made it this far I don’t think it’ll come as a shock to you to hear that the story is pretty bland and nonexistent. From what I can tell, the big problem behind the lackluster storytelling is the “Why” behind the “What.” I kept asking myself “Why is all of this happening?”

Intellectually I understand that Fena is being driven on by some unseen force that’s guiding her to Eden, but it’s not strong enough to be any more than a subtle hint. I look at Fena as someone who’s really good at guessing what the next path should be. It’s hard to see her as anything other than that. That makes it really hard for me to get behind her as the leader of a group of veteran fighters like the Goblin Knights.

Yes, they’re all friends. The Goblin Knights chose to save Fena and travel on her adventure with her. It just doesn’t seem like Fena is the type of person who would take charge over a group that already had years of experience together. Fena’s leadership is forced and it’s not a good look.

Are there any other problems with the “why” behind the “what”?

Unfortunately, yes. The world of Fena Pirate Princess contains very little magic. Magic has the bad habit of showing up when Fena needs to be guided to the next convenient plot point. It happens “just because.” That’s the worst way to develop a plot and Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 goes overboard in this way.

The whole “island rising out of the ocean” thing is so ridiculous when you think about the details that it’s insulting. You mean to tell me that an island would pop out of the ocean just because Fena got close? Not only that but everything on that island would be pristine? That’s just too convenient and lacks any consistency with the overall story. I’ll go into more detail later, but I find it to be a lazy storytelling element.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 get right?

Episode 10 did an excellent job with the one thing that this anime has going for it throughout, the production values. From the music to the art style, everything is beautiful and appealing. I enjoyed watching Fena dance to the music from her childhood because it was a beautifully designed scene. The scenes from the island were beautiful as well. Too bad it made no sense.

I guess you can say that Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 is style over substance. The style sure does try its hardest to make you forget about the lack of substance. At some points it succeeds, but most of the time it can’t. One thing’s for sure though, you can’t criticize the art. Even my untrained eyes can see that it’s stunning.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 get wrong?

There’s a lot more to put here than in the prior section. I’ll start out small, just to ease you into things. My first issue with Fena episode 10 is the decision to cram every lost treasure into one place. From the lost volumes of the library in Alexandria to the Ark of the Covenant, it’s all here. It’s indicative of Fena‘s desire to try and tie the story loosely to every single ancient story no matter what. It’s a bad look.

The reason doing something like this is a bad look is because all of these treasures have a real context separate of one another. The treasure Shitan is looking for had absolutely no relation to the Ark of the Covenant. The library in Alexandria was burned down, hence the missing books. By bundling all of them together with absolutely no context, Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 comes across as cheap. It’s like the episode is trying to distract us using shiny objects.

What else do you have for this section?

The pile of lost treasures is just part of the problem. I mentioned this when talking about the appearance of the island, but the “how” behind the “what” is a big mistake. How did all of these treasures end up on this island? What preserved them underwater all of this time? What’s up with the lost civilization? Why is it so easy to catch up to those you’re trying to pursue? It all feels way too convenient.

“Just because” is not a good way to build a story. Fena is full of these moments through the anime and it suffers because of it. If you can’t tell me why something is happening in a way that doesn’t insult my intelligence then you’re not doing a good job as a storyteller. I can only accept one or two moments when events unfold a little too conveniently. You can’t pack every episode with them.

Is Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 worth watching?

Fena Pirate Princess episode 10 is not really worth watching. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a terrible anime. It’s definitely style over substance, but Fena is by far not the worst anime I’ve ever seen. That said, there’s too many issues with the story to say it’s anything more than a mediocre anime at best.

I do want to see what happens in the end. That’s more of my curiosity and overwhelming desire to complete things that I start. What’s the point of stopping half-way through? I won’t ever come back to Fena Pirate Princess once it’s all said and done though unless it’s absolutely necessary. This will just be another anime that gets shoved into the back of my memory.

Now go watch some anime!

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