Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 Review

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 Review

Well now we know why that British naval officer is after Fena. I’m not going to lie and say that Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 did a great job of building up to that moment, but at least it’s something. That’s the feeling that you get after watching the fourth episode of this anime produced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. It’s not the most exciting, but at least there’s some information dished out.

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Where can I watch Fena Pirate Princess episode 4?

If you’re up late at night on Saturday’s and you have a cable subscription, you can watch this anime air on Adult Swim. New episodes debut at midnight on their channel. I also assume that you can watch it on their website at the same time, but I can’t tell you for sure. Like most younger people today, our house does not have a cable subscription so there’s no getting Adult Swim.

If you’re more into streaming anime, like everyone else, you can watch Fena over at Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll teamed up with Adult Swim to get this anime done, so they have the rights to stream it as well. Like their partner in this endeavor, Crunchyroll makes the new episodes available at 12:00 AM Sunday morning. Those are your two best options for watching this anime.

Watch Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 at Crunchyroll or Adult Swim

How was the story in Fena Pirate Princess episode 4?

The fourth offering from this anime was pretty bland. Yes, I just went there. The first three episodes of the anime were pretty good on their pacing and kept your attention. Episode 4 just kind of exists. That’s the best way I can describe it. It was a good 17 minutes until we finally got off the submarine and the story started to progress.

I guess you could classify the opening scene as some sort of story progression, but all it really did was add a little bit more mystery to Fena’s story. From the way everything was presented, I started viewing Fena like the main character in a RPG video game rather than an anime. Having to answer questions like “What would your choose” brings memories of Ogre Battle back to my mind. It’s too bad Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 didn’t live up to those memories.

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 - Fena's dream

There had to have been something important that went on!

The first two-thirds of this episode were dedicated to the trip to Germany. That time was spent highlighting Fena’s failures to learn any important combat skill. Shitan also managed to insult every other crew member in the process. It was all “meh.”

The humor of watching Fena fail at anything and everything didn’t really come through. It felt like episode 4 was full of those jokes that you feel obligated to laugh at but there just not that funny. The only thing that the attempted humor does is make Fena out to be annoying, nothing more.

The only part of the story that was a little bit redeeming was the time in the village. That’s the part where we learn about the stone Fena is carrying and who commissioned the village to create it. As it turns out, this whole story is being tied to Joan of Arc. From the way she’s presented, Fena might just be the reincarnation of the legendary French heroine. We’ll see if this stays a redeeming quality or if it quickly turns into a crutch to hold this anime up.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 get right?

I didn’t write anything down in my notes for this section. It’s not that anything was particularly bad, it’s just nothing stood out. The humor was flat and the episode’s pacing was slow. There was nothing that stood out at first look as something that is a must see.

That’s pretty hard to say too. There were plenty of things in the first three episodes that caught my attention. From Fena’s close escape to watching Yukimaru fight, there was plenty in this anime to catch your eye. Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 had none of that. All we got was a boring sea voyage. Hopefully this is not a trend.

You said the time in the German village was a redeeming quality. It’s not a highlight of this episode?

While it was good to get some information, the time in the German village was still a little bland. Fena was jealous, which was mediocre, Yukimaru was oblivious to the other woman’s advances and we got the little bit of information that we were looking for. That last bit was nice, but it didn’t make up for all of the other stuff.

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 - Fena and the others learning about the stone

What I’m trying to say is that while it was nice to get some information on Fena’s past and how it’s most likely influencing her future, it wasn’t that impressive. I’m not going to remember what happened here after watching a week’s worth of anime. In a month I’ll completely forget about it.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 get wrong?

This complaint might seem a little bit small, but I’ve made it in my reviews of Naruto so I have to do it here. When Fena and the samurai make it to the German village we get text that supposedly identifies where we are. The problem is that I couldn’t tell because there wasn’t an English translation. It left me feeling lost and that’s not a good thing. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on potential important information.

The rest of the problem with Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 was the pacing of the entire episode. I’ve spoken a lot already on how bland and boring everything was. I’m not going to repeat that again here. It just feels like the entire journey could’ve been condensed into a couple of minutes. Considering Fena’s humor and training fell flat, maybe that part could’ve been completely cut out.

I think the difficult thing was that I was expecting a lot more. Isn’t Fena being chased by a British commander? Were they not hot on her tail in the last episode? Would Fena and her companions not feel the pressure of having pursuers? If any of that was supposed to be true, it sure didn’t feel like it. It was like nothing from the past three episodes had happened at all.

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 4 - Fena learning how to fight

Is Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 worth watching?

Not really. Fena Pirate Princess episode 4 is dull, bland and could be summarized in one sentence. “Fena tries to learn how to be useful and also finds out she’s connected to Joan of Arc.” There you have it, the summary for episode 4. Nothing here is anything special. My suggestion is to spend your time doing something else.

Now go watch some anime!

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