Fena Pirate Princess Episode 9 Review

If you’re looking for an explanation into how Abel and Fena’s mother, Helena, know each other, Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 is what you’ve been looking for. Any speculation that Abel is Fena’s father should now be put to rest. He’s Fena’s half-brother. Fena is also a princess. There’s a lot that went on here and some of it was good, some of it was not so good. Let’s go take a look.

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Where can I watch Fena Pirate Princess episode 9?

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim have partnered up to co-produce this anime. As such, you can go to both sites and stream the latest episodes. For Crunchyroll this means that you’ll have to sign up for at least a free account and wait a week until episode 9 becomes free to watch. At Adult Swim, you’ll have to have a subscription to some cable service that allows you to stream from their site. I have no idea when they’ll make Fena free to watch.

If you’re really wanting to watch this anime then my suggestion would be to go ahead and sign up for Crunchyroll. It’s not a terrible monthly subscription cost. Just do what I did and sign up for it and never look back. It’ll just become one of those ongoing subscriptions that you don’t even think about.

Watch Fena Pirate Princess Episode 9 at Crunchyroll or Adult Swim

How was the story in Fena Pirate Princess episode 9?

The first half of the episode was a look into Abel’s history in an attempt to explain his obsession with Fena. The second half is meant to get us on the main course for the rest of the season. Of the two, I like the first half better. The second half felt like a series of convenient events. It felt like Fena was trying to be smarter than it actually is. Let’s put that aside for now, though, and look at Abel’s backstory.

If you’ve read the speculation on who Abel is, you would’ve seen that many people thought that he was Fena’s true father. That now can be confirmed to not be the case. The first half of Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 focuses on a lonely Abel as a boy stumbling upon Helena. She’s about the same age as him and they strike up a friendship immediately. We learn that Abel is a prince, but he’s nowhere near the first to ascend to the throne.

As time passes, Helena is distanced from Abel. You can tell Abel’s heart is broken as he wishes he and Helena could just keep each other company. We learn that Helena ran off with Franz Houtman while also pregnant with the King’s child. This means that Franz is not only not Fena’s father, but also someone who has suspicious motives. Really the only person that comes out of this looking innocent is Abel.

What do you mean by that?

Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 tries to weave in a mysterious, mystical story into a story about lost love. Helena’s decisions to carry the King’s child and then run away with Franz are all based around her desire to have La Pucelle reborn. Basically she’s supposed to give birth to Joan of Arc’s reincarnation. In doing so, Helena breaks the heart of her only friend and the only man she really loved. Why she’s motivated to do this we’re not really shown.

Franz Houtman comes across as suspicious. He obviously has his own plans for Helena and wants to keep Abel away from Helena. He’s not the kind nobleman that he was made out to be at the beginning of the anime. As for the King, we really just know that he participated in helping Helena conceive a child. We don’t know if he too wants to see the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. He may have just wanted to have a night or two of fun.

Abel just wants to spend time with his one and only friend. Abel does love Helena, but he’s willing to only be allowed to spend time with her. He just wants to be near Helena. The fact that he’s unable to do so because of this larger story going on is sad. You really feel bad for the guy and you understand why he’s searching for his half-sister.

What about the other half of the anime episode?

Unfortunately, Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 tries to tie up a bunch of loose ends by having Fena remember a childhood song and link it to the coordinates they got in the cave. It may be because I’m not the most deep and artistic person in the world, but when Fena and Yukimaru were interpreting the song lyrics I just got lost. It felt like Fena was trying to be clever by adding in a bunch of newly introduced jargon.

The worst part of all of it was that Yukimaru and Fena were able to decipher it almost immediately. I wanted to stop them and say “Wait, go through that one more time so we can understand it.” I hate it when anime does stuff like that. It’s pretty unbelievable here as well because Fena hasn’t been portrayed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 get right?

The production quality, as always, was top notch for episode 9. That’s one thing that you’ll never be able to fault this anime for. The colors are sharp and bright. The animation is well done. The background music is excellent. Just about everything is well put together and shows that a decent budget is behind Fena Pirate Princess.

I do also think that Fena episode 9 did a good job of giving us Abel’s backstory. I understand now why he’s after Fena. He wants to have some sort of link to the only true friend he had in the world. Mentally Abel is messed up, but that’s because of the twisted life of a royal. He’s just a boy longing for companionship.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 get wrong?

There’s one small thing to note here at the beginning of this section. While the production quality of episode 9 was fantastic, they missed on the subtitle at the start of the episode. The English subtitle clearly showed “8. Vice Versa” when the episode started to get going. This wasn’t some clever ploy either as you could clearly see the “9” on the Japanese title. It’s a sloppy little oversight that thankfully wasn’t indicative of the rest of the production.

The main issue I had with Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 was with the “why” behind the “what.” Why was Helena motivated to have a child with the King? Why does she want to have Joan of Arc reincarnated? What was the reason that Helena had to be burned at the stake? I get Abel’s motivations, I just don’t understand anyone else’s.

What’s so important about going to Eden? I get that in Helena’s case it was meant to be a depiction of Heaven. That’s how her reference came across to me as she prior to her being burned at the stake. Are we supposed to believe that you can attain access to Heaven via Joan of Arc’s reincarnation without dying? There’s just so much up in the air and unexplained that I don’t like it.

But Fena is just trying to be deep!

By the time we get to the end of the anime we might get better explanations as to why all of this stuff is happening. The problem still remains that the journey to those final answers is just kind of scattered. We’re just supposed to accept that a bunch of characters are motivated by their own desires to get to Eden that we don’t stop to think of how the plot has turned into a mess. That bothers me.

You don’t get a deep plot by failing to explain why your characters are doing the things that they’re doing. I still don’t know why Yukihisa is sending messages to Abel. I’m actually now confused why Franz was a butler in the King’s house when he’s also been described as a noble earlier on in the series. The biggest problem of all is I don’t understand why it’s so important for the characters to get to Eden. What’s there that they’re willing to kill each other for? Maybe Fena Pirate Princess could spend some time explaining that and I’d be more interested.

Is Fena Pirate Princess episode 9 worth watching?

Yes and no. Fena Pirate Princess episode 9, like most of the rest of this anime, has it’s strong points and its weak points. Production levels are high and there are some good parts to the story. It’s held back by it’s main narrative being unclear. I also think the whole conversation between Yukimaru and Fena was hard to follow. Fans of this anime will be happy with episode 9. If you’re coming to this anime for the first time, I suggest starting at the beginning. Those are still the highlight of the anime in my opinion.

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