Fena: Pirate Princess Episodes 1-2 Review

Fena: Pirate Princess Episodes 1-2 Review

Crunchyroll originals have been a little bit of a mixed bag. I’ve watched Tower of God, Noblesse, The God of High School and a couple others. Most of the time, I end up disappointed by the end of the season. I actually enjoyed Noblesse though, much more than The God of High School. For that reason, I was a little hesitant to start another Crunchyroll original after seeing that Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 had debuted. Hopefully I just picked out the bad apples and this anime will be different.

Where can I watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episodes 1-2?

The obvious answer to this question is Crunchyroll. They paid up to make the anime so it’s obviously going to be airing there. For the first time since starting this blog, I also have to say Adult Swim is another spot where you can find this anime. They were partners with Crunchyroll in getting this anime to our screens so they air it at the same time over on their channel.

What time do the new episodes of Fena: Pirate Princess air? That’d be 12:00 AM EST every Sunday. That’s a little late for me these days so I’ll just wait until I wake up Sunday morning to watch and review episodes going forward. Maybe if I was 10-15 years younger I’d still be up that late, but kids and a job have made that time less appealing than it used to be.

Watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episodes 1-2 at Crunchyroll or Adult Swim

How was the story in Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2?

This is the story about a young girl who set out to find the One Piece and become Queen of the Pirates! Maybe she’ll find Gol D. Roger’s treasure before Luffy does. At the rate that One Piece is going that’s what I’d put my money on. Of course I’m kidding here, but that’s the first thought that came into my head. Looking at the comments on Crunchyroll’s site I’m not the only person who drew this comparison either.

Fena's ship

With a title like Fena: Pirate Princess and a story taking place mainly out in the open sea, you’re going to get comparisons to one of the most popular anime in history. Like it or not, One Piece is an unavoidable giant in the anime world. I even started watching the beginnings of the anime just to see how it holds up today. I only got through Alabasta before getting to the end of what Netflix had available. Maybe someday I’ll start it back up.

Back on point, Fena’s story is actually pretty good. We’re given a mystery to solve in Fena’s past and what it means for her future. Fena fights to make her escape from a life of forced prostitution. There’s an indication that there will be powerful pursuers coming to return Fena to that life and I’m sure a whole lot more. Hopefully, Crunchyroll can keep this story together for the entire season.

What kind of world are we introduced to?

Seeing Fena’s life, or the trajectory that it was on before the events in episodes 1-2, made me cringe. The island that Fena washed up on is home to a city that was set up with state sponsored prostitution. It appears that the girls that are employed there are not exactly there by free choice. They have to perform their duties, or else face the consequences. I only hoped that Fena would make her escape before having to experience this.

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1-2 - Fena preparing for her first night

Knowing that this environment was state sponsored made me think that there is something deeply wrong with the current power structure. I’m not saying that whatever government set up a place like this should be overthrown, just that the impression I got was not a very good one. We’ve seen it in anime plenty of times. The oppressive government takes advantage of the most vulnerable people for its own gain. That same vibe comes through in Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2.

If that’s the case, there might be more similarities to One Piece out there. Perhaps we’ll see Fena punch a Celestial Dragon government official right in the face to the shock of everyone around. Who knows, maybe she’ll even get a bounty on her head. There are just so many opportunities to compare the two anime that I can’t wait!

What did Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 get right?

As serious as the anime was with its subject matter, I’m glad there was still room to have a little fun. Fena comes off as slightly childish as she’s presenting all of her plans to escape. Then there’s the cohort of ninja that come later in episode 2. Everyone appears to have a lighter side to them to some degree.

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that the anime goes into the completely ridiculous category. At the core we still have a serious anime about a girl escaping those who would force her into prostitution. There’s not really a lot of jokes out there for a situation like that. At least there are none that I can think of or would be willing to try and make.

Yukimaru and Fena meeting again after 10 years

The two old guys were pretty funny. I’ll go into them a little more in the next section as there are some questions that I’d like answered, but they were entertaining. Otto and Salman were basically two comic relief characters who actually showed some usefulness. That’s refreshing because I can’t stand characters who are only there just to try and get some cheap laughs. Normally they end up just being annoying. Think Kon from BLEACH.

Otto and Salman were actually able to break Fena out of her servitude at just the right moment. Even though the two out-of-shape former soldiers don’t prove to be very useful in taking on the guards searching for them, they provide enough of a distraction. It’s a good thing that the ninjas were watching over them the whole time.

Great, there’s some good humor. What else?

Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 did a good job of painting the island as a cesspool of humanity. The prostitution stuff was bad enough, then they had to go and throw in the scene in the forest. Let’s just say that not everyone was looking for Fena in order to return her to her work. Like any semi-lawless town, there are those who are true scumbags.

The scumbags preparing to abuse Fena

What do you think a small group of men would do to a beautiful girl if they caught her defenseless in the woods? Don’t forget that these men appear to be on the wrong side of the law to begin with. If you’re imagination is going all over the place of the bad things that are about to happen, then we’re in the same boat. I was just hoping that some of the ninjas were around to save Fena because Otto wasn’t cutting it. Thankfully one was, and his introduction was impressive. I would’ve been pretty angry had something happened to our female lead here.

What did Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 get wrong?

The only thing that bothered me about the first two episodes of this anime was the way in which Fena meets up with Otto and Salman. I’m not talking about how the two former Houtman Knights rescued her, I’m talking about how easy it was for Fena to recall their names and faces. Everything just felt a little too convenient.

We learn later that the ninjas who are Fena’s protectors assisted Otto and Salman locate our female protagonist, or at least assist in the escape. I’m just wondering why didn’t something happen earlier. Just go with me for a moment and I’ll explain what I’m thinking.

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1-2 - Ninjas watching over Fena's escape

If the Japanese watchdogs of the Houtman family knew where Fena was this whole time, why didn’t they do something to rescue her from captivity? Fena spent ten years under lock and key, waiting to be thrust into prostitution. Considering the abilities of Sanada’s group, it wouldn’t have been that difficult. Was it just so that we could get introduced to Otto and Salman?

Another problem I have is why would an elite group of ninjas let Otto and Salman do all of the dirty work in breaking Fena out? She was on her way to the man who bought the right for her first sexual experience. It’s not like there was a lot of time left before Fena’s life radically changed. What were they waiting for? I just don’t get it.

Are Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 worth watching?

Yes. Fena: Pirate Princess episodes 1-2 are worth watching. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of jokes to be made about Fena being a female version of Luffy. They’re off on their own adventure to find the Grand Line and get the One Piece, only this time it’s called Eden. Once you get past all of that, there’s a decent anime here.

I’m glad that I stuck my neck out and tried this one. It was an enjoyable two episodes and it was a refreshing watch. There have been some really lackluster anime this season, even among some anime that I really enjoy. We’ll see if the rest of Fena: Pirate Princess can keep up the good momentum.

Now go watch some anime!

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