Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Review

Fire Force - Necro Pyro
Ritsu’s Necro Pyro ability

For being a real idiot, Arthur sure is powerful and useful.

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The three-way fight that was set up in the previous episode of Fire Force is now on. It’s Shinra vs. Kurono vs. Charon and Maki vs. the Puppeteer vs. Haumea. The wild card is Inca and her bodyguard Ritsu, they watch on waiting for their chance to cause a little havoc. Everyone is after Nataku.

Is there no one in the world of Fire Force who isn’t out of their mind? I guess it makes for good entertainment but it seems like you need a few screws loose in order to survive in this world. Inca, Haumea, Ritsu, and Kurono are on the sadistic side. Arthur is an idiot who believes he’s a knight. Nataku’s been driven insane by the traumatic experiences he’s been through. At this point seeing someone who’s normal would be a dramatic change of pace.

The action in Fire Force season 2 episode 16 is great. The dynamic of having three opposing sides brings up interesting combos. Does Fire Force Company 8 team up with Haijima to take down the White-Clad? Is it everyone for themselves? It’s a tricky situation. Eventually, because of Haumea and Ritsu, it turns into Haijima and Company 8 against the White-clad.

Ritsu’s ability is by far the most chilling thing we’ve witnessed this season. She takes corpses and fuses them with an infernal in order to create a giant infernal. She’s responsible for the one we saw way back at the beginning of the season. This ability even shocks some of her allies, with Charon commenting on what a nasty power it is. Pairing her up with Inca seems appropriate as they’re both psychotic.

There is a little bit of humor throughout episode 16. Nataku is bounced around like a basketball between the three different groups. Kurono gets chewed out by Haijima’s president over the phone, showing that he’s nothing but a lowly salaryman. Vulcan is forced to use variations of legendary stories in order to get Arthur to do what needs to be done to neutralize Haumea.

Fire Force - Infected Imagination
Nataku’s ability, Infected Imagination

These moments help make sure that the story of Fire Force doesn’t focus solely on the the darker side of things. Watching Nataku’s descent into madness is sad considering everything the kid has been through. Rekka, the man who had an infernal bug bite Nataku back in season 1, constantly haunts him. Kurono beat the crap out of him at Haijima in an effort to awaken an Adolla Burst. The boy’s had a tough life and you can’t help but want him to get rescued by Company 8 so he can get some real help.

The giant infernal that Ritsu made that’s protecting a cracked Nataku is a real threat. If Company 8 and the Haijima employees don’t do something soon then it’ll spell real trouble for everyone in the Tokyo Empire. Thankfully Arthur is providing the power to create a giant EMP. This EMP is cutting off Haumea’s ability to get into people’s mind. Hopefully the Fire Force will be able to calm Nataku down before Arthur’s power runs out. Of course we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see the end of this fight.

Is Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Worth Watching?

If you’re a fan of Fire Force then you won’t want to miss this episode. It’s a lot of fun to watch. There’s tons of exciting action and a little bit of humor to help lighten the mood. We get introduced to both Ritsu and Nataku’s abilities. Overall it’s just a good anime episode.

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