Fire Force Season 2 Episode 17 Review

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 17 - Charon
Charon doing his best Goku impersonation

Charon sure can take a lot of punishment!

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Review

The fight between the White Clad, Haijima, and Fire Force Company 8 comes to a close after reminding us that anime hates the moon for some reason. Nataku’s power goes so out of control that it goes nuclear, literally. Charon is able to absorb it all and release it in an amazing burst. The result is a new crater on the moon. The White Clad retreat and Nataku goes back into the custody of Haijima.

What an ending to a fight. I have to admit, I’m now a fan of Charon and his ability. I know he’s a member of the Evangelist’s forces but he doesn’t seem to be a twisted psycho like Inca or Haumea. His epic save of the Tokyo Empire is definitely a highlight of Fire Force Season 2.

The interesting part of this episode comes during Captain Obi, Shinra, and Licht’s visit with Haijima’s president. Haijima will no longer be an adversarial entity for Company 8. Vulcan ends up bursting in saying that he can build a power generator better than Amaterasu. This obviously caught the attention of Haijima’s president and he pledged to provide the support to make this happen, with Haijima maintaining the rights to the proceeds.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 17 - Moon Crater
The new crater on the moon

I did not expect this to happen. I thought that in some way Haijima would be connected to the Evangelist. That is apparently not the case. Haijima is just like any other large company and is solely focused on driving profits through advancement of their IP. It’s interesting that this part of society managed to make it through the Great Cataclysm.

I was also surprised to see Kurono transform into a protector for Nataku. Nataku’s strength is driven by his inability to cope with the expectations put on him. We’re shown Nataku’s time with his parents and how anything less than perfect was seen as a failure. Then there was his experience with Rekka. After that it was the researchers at Haijima. All of those expectations were driving Nataku crazy.

Kurono swoops in and tells Nataku that he needs to stay weak. These words were just what Nataku needed to hear. Nataku needed to not be burdened by everyone’s expectations, even if it was just for a little bit. It’s like the sadistic Kurono is really Nataku’s protector. It feels like the battle lines are finally being established. It’s in humanity’s interest to stop the Evangelist’s plan so to have everyone not aligned with her band together is the most intelligent plan. Now that the weight of Haijima is behind Fire Force Company 8 they should be able to make some progress.

Is Fire Force Season 2 Episode 17 Worth Watching?

Yes. In a twisted kind of way, you’re happy that Nataku ends up finding a protector in Kurono. You also find yourself rooting for Charon. What the heck is happening? Whatever it is, I’m enjoying Fire Force now that it seems like it found it’s footing in season 2. It took a little bit, but now things are entertaining.

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