Fire Force Season 2 Ep. 4 Review

Fire Force Season 2 Ep. 4 Review


Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 opens up with chaos in the city growing as more and more people spontaneously combust and turn into infernals. Fire Force Company 8 struggles to keep the situation under control. They’re pushed to their limit just by the sheer numbers that they have to fight. The race is on to find Haumea is on as she’s the one directing the White Clad’s actions.

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Meanwhile, Shinra continues to fight against Charon while Charon’s subordinates try to get away with Inca as their captive. Shinra is significantly outnumbered and finds it difficult to inflict any damage on Charon. Shinra himself almost becomes a captive of the White Clad until backup arrives.

Just as Fire Force Company 8 is about to be overwhelmed reinforcements arrive in the form of Lieutenant Karim from Company 1 accompanied by a squad of sisters, Toru Kishiri from Company 5, Takeru Noto from Company 2, and platoons from both Company 2 and 5. With this help, Fire Force Company 8 starts to get the number of infernals under control and Shinra is able to continue to pursue Inca.

Charon pursues Shinra as he’s not willing to give up Inca. Haumea’s location is discovered and Arthur is dispatched to confront her. The episode closes with Shinra about to try out a new technique in an attempt to actually do some damage to Charon.


To me, this episode fell a little flat. It felt like a little more run-of-the-mill type of action anime than the unique blend of action and animation that Fire Force has been delivering. Maybe I was just put off by the lackluster animation of the infernals. The style of the infernals in this episode appear to be more like monsters you see in American cartoons rather than in an anime.

The whole vibe of the episode played out like a zombie apocalypse as well. Panic in the city spread as the number of infernals continued to increase. No one knows where they come from or who will be next! The authorities struggle to get the situation under control! Someone come save us from this disaster! That may be a little harsh but I couldn’t help but feel like much of this episode failed to deliver what we’ve come to expect from Fire Force.

Once interesting tid-bit of information that we did receive was that there are a total of eight pillars that the White Clad are after. Now there’s a definite number that we have to keep score against. Once the White Clad get all eight they plan to recreate the events from 250 years ago. It’ll be up to the Fire Force to stop that from happening.

Is Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 Worth Watching?

Yes, but it’s not on par with what we’ve come to expect. Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 is alright. It helps get the story where it needs to go but I hope that things pick up going forward.

Now go have fun and watch some anime!


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