Fire Force Season 2 Episode 5 Review

Rock On Shinra!
Rock On Shinra!


The action continues from Fire Force Episode 4. Arthur is making sure Haumea’s hands are full so she can’t coordinate the White Clad’s activities. Charon is still kicking the crap out of Shinra. Shinra struggles to figure out a way to damage Charon even though he figures out that Charon is a second generation and can use other’s flames against them. Eventually, Shinra finds an opening in Charon’s attack pattern but struggles to capitalize. Finally, Shinra learns how to use the devil horns hand sign. A giant fire demon looking flame comes out of Shinra’s foot and actually damages Charon.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Charon on the other end of Shinra's attack
Charon on the other end of Shinra’s attack

Meanwhile, multiple Fire Force companies try to kill the demon that appeared. Licht eventually comes up with a plan to defeat the demon and put out the flames ravaging the city all at the same time. He uses all of the second generation Fire Force members to direct the flames to the center of the city. At the city’s center, Maki uses her ability to create a fire tornado.

Lieutenant Hinawa lures the demon to the city center with the intention of having Captain Obi blast it into the center of the fire tornado. Captain Obi is supposed to do this using the massive fire extinguisher mounted on top of the Company 8 armored car. Eventually Captain Obi is successful in this after Vulcan has to ram the demon. Lieutenant Hinawa shoots a mortar into the fire tornado and accelerates it using his ability. The mortar eventually blasts through the chest of the demon, killing it.

Can't miss that shot
Can’t miss that shot

The episode ends with Shinra and Charon facing off.


I enjoyed this episode more than episode 4. There still are a few things that bothered me, but overall it was a good episode. We’ll start with what I think this episode did well.

First, the animation of the fires really stood out to me. I’m specifically thinking of the fires burning from the buildings. Something about it was just visually appealing.

Second, I like how Fire Force is introducing the devil horns to Shinra’s character. He’s been running from the “devil” label his whole life yet here he is, using the devil horns to produce a monstrous attack. It was a nice surprise to see. I know Fire Force is leading us into the next episode by having Shinra and Charon face off at the end but I wanted to see more. I guess I’ll just have to tune in to the next episode. I found myself saying “Rock On Shinra!” when he landed after that kick to Charon.

Shinra's attack
Shinra’s attack

Third, it’s just fun to see people who can manipulate fire. It’s unique and different. That’s probably the part about Fire Force that I like the most. It’s not a carbon copy of some other type of anime in its genre. Fire Force tries to do some things that aren’t the same as everybody else. The story might not be the most unique but it’s told in a way that makes sense. As much as I like a good Isekai or Fantasy anime, I’m hesitant to start one that I haven’t already watched because they all seem to be the same. You can’t say that about Fire Force.

There was one glaring thing that stood out to me that kept this episode from really excelling. The issue was the demon that most of the Fire Force was fighting. That was the most docile demon I’ve ever seen. I can’t even remember if the demon threw a punch at anyone. I can think of only about one, maybe two, times where the demon went on the attack. Every mindless demon I’ve seen in any kind of media typically attacks anything that moves aggressively. The threat from the demon was so small that Licht had time to formulate a plan, pull out a map, and get on his hands and knees to explain it to everyone. Captain Obi was even able to attempt a tackle on the demon (it looked more like a hug) and get away without really taking any damage. I never got the feeling that the demon was any real threat because of this.

Everyone needs a hug sometimes
Everyone needs a hug sometimes

Is this episode worth watching?

Yes it is. Shinra’s move on Charon was awesome. Even though the demon was the most relaxed demon I’ve ever seen, it was fun to watch the Fire Force create a fire tornado. You also get to see some good action from the second generation pyrokinetics. Overall a good but not great episode.

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