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Fire Force season 2 episode 6 opens up with Shinra and Charon facing off. Shinra keeps trying to convince Inca to break free from her restraints and escape. Inca weighs her options, does she go with Shinra and have a comfortable, boring life or go with the White Clad and experience danger. Eventually Inca decides that she’d rather go with the White Clad and experience the thrills that they have to offer. In a last ditch effort Shinra tries to get Inca away from Charon and his lackey’s but is unsuccessful. We last see Inca as she walks away after setting one of her former henchman on fire.

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Inca's decision
Inca’s decision

Having lost out on the race for the fifth pillar, the Fire Force tries to plan their next move. There is to be a joint operation carried out to the Chinese peninsula. Support for the operation will come from several companies. The goal is to investigate the Evangelist and adolla bursts. The Fire Force needs to close the information gap as quickly as possible so they stand a chance against the Evangelist and the White Clad. The episode closes with Shinra and several other Fire Force soldiers sailing toward their goal.

Off to the Chinese Peninsula
Off to the Chinese Peninsula


The main idea that ran through my mind was “The kid gloves have come off.” This was mainly in response to Inca burning to death Panda, her former subordinate. What makes it even worse is that she started the fire in his groin. She may be able to create flames at will, but that was cold blooded. I was not expecting that from this anime.

This anime episode was really a tale of two parts, the first part was serious and the second part had the feeling of a happy-go-lucky adventure anime. I almost wanted to narrate the final part and say “Shinra and his crew are off to the Grand Line in order for him to become King of the Pirates.” Maybe Team Four Star can make a parody of it like they did for Goku (here). That’s the feeling I got from their preparations and departure. The first part reminded me of when Roy Mustang burned Envy to a crisp in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (you can look that one up on your own). Two totally different feelings.

I like this episode more than some of the others in this season. I don’t feel like the animation took a turn to the cartoon like vibe I was getting in some of the others (see here). I thought the effort put forth was solid.

As far as the story goes, I liked this anime episode. Even though the episode seemed to be in two different parts they still made sense for the most part. The part that really shone through was Shinra, Inca, and Charon’s part at the start. You felt the tension and emotion as Inca built up to revealing her decision. Her turn to the dark side was made complete with her actions on the way out. It was a bit predictable, but it still got the job done.

My one criticism of this anime episode is I feel like we’re missing a little bit of information on the expedition. Why go to the Chinese peninsula? What’s so special there? How was that determination made? I’m sure we’ll get something after they get there but it seems like the decision came out of nowhere. Other than that, the story was pretty solid.

Is this episode worth watching?

Yes. This anime episode is worth watching. It’s a solid if not spectacular showing for Fire Force. You won’t be let down by Episode 6.

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