Fruits Basket Episode 3 Review

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? That’s really the main question that Fruits Basket episode 3 deals with. Yuki is jealous of Kyo’s ability to relate to people while Kyo deals with his own inferiority complex towards Yuki. It’s an interesting dynamic that benefits from the presence of Tohru. She’s there to help flesh out the narrative in a way that is interesting and impactful.

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Where can I watch Fruits Basket episode 3?

Crunchyroll is a great option to watch this anime. That’s where I stream it. Crunchyroll is my default place to stream anime and while it may have some technical issues randomly, they do a great job. You an even watch anime without paying a monthly subscription fee. There will be commercial breaks during the episode, but it’s a small price to pay for watching free anime on a safe site.

If you don’t want to watch at Crunchyroll you can go on over to Funimation. Funimation has Fruits Basket as well. When I was looking up all of the different sites that carry the anime, I had a sense of deja vu. Fruits Basket reminded me of Naruto with how many different sites carry the full series. While I don’t typically go to Funimation’s site that often, they do carry some quality anime. You can even watch some of it for free, with commercial breaks.

I want to go somewhere else!

There are a couple other places that you can go to watch this anime episode. The first I’ll mention is VRV. This site has a working agreement with Crunchyroll that allows VRV to stream Crunchyroll’s content. You can sign up for an account at VRV and get access to everything Crunchyroll has in their library. You’ll also get access to content from other sites. If you already have a Crunchyroll account, I believe you can go ahead and make an account at VRV at no extra charge. I believe that only gets you access to Crunchyroll’s content though.

The last place that I’ll link to at the end of the section is Hulu. I don’t typically watch anime over at Hulu. With the level of subscription that I have, I still have to sit through commercials. At Hulu, you have to upgrade to the next level of subscription service to get rid of commercials. I won’t be doing that any time soon. As such, I’d rather watch Fruits Basket episode 3 at either Crunchyroll or Funimation. It’s still an option, so you can check it out if you want.

Watch Fruits Basket Episode 3 at Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV or Hulu

How was the story in Fruits Basket episode 3?

If the goal of episode 3 was to further cement a love triangle, it succeed. Tohru Honda, the main female lead, managed to grow closer to both Yuki Soma and Kyo Soma. Not in a manipulative way either. Tohru is probably the biggest saint I’ve ever seen in anime in the 20+ years that I’ve been watching. She honestly tries to help both boys out with their lingering issues and in doing so, starts to win over their affections.

Tohru does this during a series of real life events that you’d expect from a normal high school. Well, all except the sudden typhoon that shows up. I’ll get to that one later. It’s refreshing to see a bunch of high schoolers getting excited over a simple card game. Even the fact that Kyo and Arisa placed a bet on the game was fun to watch.

How could a simple moment like that be fun to watch?

It’s the fact that Fruits Basket episode 3 did such a good job with the interpersonal interactions in scenes like this one that make it a good anime. Arisa may be a side character, but she’s used to great effect here to offset Kyo. She provides the perfect opponent for the fiery Kyo and is his natural rival. At least during the game of Rich-Man, Poor-Man.

From this game, episode 3 builds on to its story by showing us how each main character reacted from the results. Kyo lost to Arisa, which triggered his inferiority complex. Yuki didn’t even compete but we get to see his jealousy towards Kyo. Yuki couldn’t even bring himself to compete out of his self-doubt. Tohru recognizes all of this and works to get Kyo and Yuki to realize their positives. In turn, Kyo does the same for Tohru.

What did Fruits Basket episode 3 get right?

Where I think Fruits Basket episode 3 really excels is in creating realistic doubts within Yuki and Kyo. Their shortcomings are all too real. Some people will relate to Yuki and his inability to connect with others. Pretty much any introvert will understand that to a point. He’s been distant from other people his whole life and doesn’t know how to interact on a personal level. You can tell that he wants to, he just can’t get over himself.

Then we get Yuki’s dialogue with Tohru. He’s even afraid that he acts nice to others not because he’s genuinely nice, but because of his own self-interest. That’s a level of emotional examination that I don’t normally see. I’m used to the typical Shonen story where the main character never doubts themselves. It’s all about overcoming the next obstacle out of sheer determination. Yuki’s realistic emotional issues might just get me to watch more Shojo anime.

What about Kyo?

Not to be outdone, Kyo tells Tohru about his inferiority complex towards Yuki. He doesn’t come out and call it an inferiority complex, but that’s what it is. From childhood, Kyo has been told that Yuki is better than him in everything. It all goes back to a preconceived notion that the kids who have inherited the Rat curse are better than the Cat. It’s what drives Kyo to beat Yuki. Kyo wants to prove the Soma family wrong and earn a place as a regular member.

What Kyo doesn’t realize, and what Tohru tries to explain to him, is that he has traits that are unique to only him. Kyo can easily relate to others. He’s an expert martial artist who’s only second to Yuki. Kyo is amazing in his own right, he just needs to figure it out for himself.

What did Fruits Basket episode 3 get wrong?

My only complaint with episode 3 is the sudden typhoon. There’s no way that a typhoon just popped up out of nowhere without anyone noticing it. I may not be an expert in typhoons in the Pacific Ocean, but I do have enough experience with their Western cousins, hurricanes. As someone who lived for several years in Florida, and spent the rest of my life in the Southeastern United States, I know that major storms like these don’t pop up out of nowhere.

Typically, the storm will move so slow that there will be days of coverage prior to landfall. Major news networks will send teams to different areas to show how the weather has changed, hoping that one of their reporters is in the right spot. The weather forecasts will show the “cone of uncertainty,” the projected path of the storm. There will also be the spaghetti graphs with one or two models showing a crazy path.

I say all of that because it’s completely ridiculous to say that there’s a “sudden” typhoon. It’s too convenient. Fruits Basket episode 3 comes across as lazy by having this as a plot element. Considering how everything else in the episode was put together, it’s out of place. Why not say a thunderstorm came though the area? That’s something that’s a little more believable. Why does it have to be a storm as severe as a typhoon?

Is Fruits Basket episode 3 worth watching?

Yes. Fruits Basket episode 3 is worth watching. It does an excellent job of depicting real world weaknesses in it’s main characters. It’s great to see that we’re not given a group of teens who are depicted as perfect. I’m also glad that Tohru is there to help Kyo and Yuki develop their characters. It’s just nice to see good character development in an anime. Fruits Basket definitely has lived up to its hype so far. Hopefully that keeps up.

Now go watch some anime!

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