Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Review *Spoilers*

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Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown opens with a recap of the first season of the anime. We’re shown how Goblin Slayer’s party was formed. We see the climaxes of their major battles. We are shown their near death experiences. We’re reminded that this anime is not for children. I’m sure there’s going to be extreme amounts of violence as this special anime episode continues.

The main story for Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown picks up after the events in Season 1 of the anime. Goblin Slayer’s party accepts a quest to save some adventurers who found themselves in trouble. We’re quickly taken to a snowy, far-away land to a battle between a group of adventurers and some goblins. The group is victorious against the goblins but the last we see of them is the sword of the female lead being frozen over.

She's no Goblin Slayer
She’s no Goblin Slayer

Apparently, the group contained the daughter of a noble. The guild requested Goblin Slayer to go find her. Goblin Slayer’s party comes to the frozen north. They quickly save a village and head off to where they suspect the goblin nest is located. After a quick battle they find a woman lying as if she’s about to be sacrificed. It is the female lead of the other adventurers.

We’re shown what happened to the other party. Their plan on laying siege to the goblin nest backfired. Eventually dissension grows in the group until the leader begrudgingly heads back to town to gather supplies. While there, her party is slaughtered and she’s assaulted on the way back to her camp.


Goblin Slayer’s party plans their next move. The markings in the cave lead them to believe that worshipers of the God of External Knowledge are behind everything happening. The surmise that the goblin’s base is at an old dwarf stronghold. The female adventurer that they saved asks to join Goblin Slayer’s party.

Goblin Slayer's disguise
Goblin Slayer’s disguise

Disguised as worshipers of the God of External Knowledge, Goblin Slayer’s party infiltrates the stronghold. Goblin Slayer’s party continues to set their trap for the goblins. Their trap does not go according to plan though. They realize that they’ve interrupted the coronation of a goblin paladin by killing the shaman.

Goblin Ceremony
Goblin Ceremony

Goblin Slayer’s party is given away by the female adventurer who they saved before. The fight is on. Eventually Goblin Slayer comes face to face with the Goblin Paladin, who’s armed with the sword of the female adventurer. They escape by jumping over the edge of the stronghold walls using a rope. The fight continues as Goblin Slayer’s party descends down the mountain.

Goblin Slayer enticing the Paladin
Goblin Slayer enticing the Paladin

Goblin Slayer and the Goblin Paladin to 1 on 1 again. Goblin Slayer entices the Goblin Paladin to attack. The attack goes through Goblin Slayer’s shield to the point where he’s able to take the sword. Goblin Slayer dispatches the Goblin Paladin and the female adventurer cast her final lightning spell, triggering an avalanche.

Goblin Slayer emerges from the snow and gives back the sword to the female adventurer. All is well and Goblin Slayer’s party goes back to the adventurer’s guild for a celebration, all except Goblin Slayer. He’s on watch for goblins. He’s guessed that the goblins were learning how to refine metal and make better weapons so he won’t stop his work. The anime closes with a touching moment between Goblin Slayer and the Cleric girl.

Romantic Night Watch
Romantic Night Watch


If you liked the first season of the Goblin Slayer anime, you’ll like this short movie. I’m glad they opened up with a recap of the anime as I’d forgotten most of the plot. We get reminded of the blood and guts that’s so common in Goblin Slayer. Thankfully, the shock I felt when I watched the first episode of the anime prepared me for this.

The animation was good. I didn’t notice any real difference between season one of the anime and this movie. There’s plenty of detail shown when goblins are getting killed. There is definitely no shortage of violence. The story seems a little weak. I would’ve liked a few other plot points to be expanded on. First off, it’s weird to me that no one has a name. Everyone is just called by their class or their species. I can’t picture a world where people don’t go around calling one another by their names.

Second, I would’ve liked there to be a little bit more done with the brand on the female adventurer’s neck. It was obviously done for a reason and it’s shown to bother her at different times. It’s almost as if there is a magical connection there that’s not really explored at all. I had even prepared myself to see the brand used to force her to betray her new companions. It was either that or in her time with the goblins she was brainwashed in order to be used as a weapon against Goblin Slayer’s party.

That’s enough with the gripes from me. I did like the action. If you enjoy fight scenes this anime is packed full. Goblin Slayer is awesome doing what he does best, killing goblins. It’s fun to see him take on the tougher goblins as well.

I also enjoyed seeing how detailed Goblin Slayer is in preparing for a fight. He’s always thinking of new ways to kill goblins and coming up with strategies. Not to spoil the ending here in the review section if you skipped the recap but this point becomes apparent at the end.

Is this anime worth watching?

Yes and no. Yes if you enjoyed the Goblin Slayer Season One anime. No if you’re not into anime with large amounts of violence. Personally, I have to be in the mood to watch something like this or Berserk. It’s not always my cup of tea but at times I love watching it.

Now go watch some anime!



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