God of High School Ep. 7 Review


This is going to be a brief recap as I don’t want to spoil the story of this anime episode. Jin, Han, and Yoo have their first match of the finals. It’s a best of 3 bout against a pair of brothers and a girl who uses a Shinai (Kendo stick). Jin loses the first bout after attempting to use some of the training he received from the old doctor who’s a member of the Six that were summoned by Park Mujin. Han and Yoo win their bouts after dealing with their opponents Charyeok.

Jin after paralyzing himself
Jin after paralyzing himself

Meanwhile, the commissioner who was apparently assassinated in the previous episode was just playing dead. He proceeds to slice and dice his would be assassin until two other Nox agents show up. The commissioner is pushed to his limit until another commissioner shows up. The two commissioners push back the Nox agents until the two agents that saved the assassin flee. The assassin uses a suicide attack to try and take the commissioners down.

The next bout starts and it becomes apparent that the abilities of one of the combatants is way above his opponent. The maid of the boy getting crushed intervenes and gets defeated easily. Han intervenes when the maid is getting her face repeatedly stomped on. The match continues until it appears that the boy who was getting beaten badly gets eaten by a Charyeok monster.


What kind of tournament is this? A fight to the death? The protagonists from Seoul have a match that I would expect in the first round. Their opponents can use Charyeok but it’s more just an extension of their abilities. It’s nothing like the monster that gets summoned in the second bout. I found myself asking, “Did I just witness a murder in a fighting tournament?” after seeing the opening bout of the second match. Then you’re left to wonder about what happened to the kid at the end.

The fighting at the commissioner’s home was surprisingly upbeat considering what was happening. There were too many funny moments to me that kept it from being a dark atmosphere. Commissioner O joked that Commissioner Q was going to lose 6 month’s worth of pay for his recent actions. The female Nox agent had the mouth of a sailor. Her weapon had demonic teddy bears pop up in order to supplement a giant blast. I found myself smiling at all of this when I should’ve been concerned about the outcome.

Commissioner O's thoughts on the female Nox agent's language
Commissioner O’s thoughts on the female Nox agent’s language
These cuddly teddy bears popped out of the female Nox agent's weapon
These cuddly teddy bears popped out of the female Nox agent’s weapon

I hope we get to see more of the team that Jin, Han, and Yoo defeated. The backstory that we were presented put them in a favorable light. They’re easy people to cheer for so I hope it’s not just a one-and-done for them.

Jin’s performance in this round had me laughing. This guy paralyzed himself in an effort to make himself stronger, guaranteeing his defeat. He reminds me of Goku in the Team Four Star parody of Dragon Ball Z (you can find it on youtube if you want). Jin’s an idiot but he’s so happy-go-lucky that you can’t help but not get annoyed by him. Good thing he’s super strong, otherwise he’d be in big trouble.

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