God of High School Episode 6 Review


Jin Mori’s grandfather, Jin Taejin, is confronted by a mysterious group of people. They’re trying to get him to do something but he’s not willing to follow along. We’re left wondering what happens next as it appears a fight is about to break out and the episode cuts away to an announcement by the God of High School commission. Apparently, the rules for the finals have been changed. Due to large amount of worthy participants, the finals will be conducted as a team battle. Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira will be the ones representing Seoul.

Park Mujin's reason for expanding the tournament
Park Mujin’s reason for expanding the tournament

The God of High School commission discusses the changes and brings up Yoo’s recent marriage fiasco. It appears that he organization Nox is the ones responsible for what happened. The commission also already know about Nox’s contact with Jin’s grandfather. Park Mujin mentions that he’s summoned the six, adding to the ominous storyline.

Han asking about what's going on
Han asking about what’s going on

Jin, Han, and Yoo all have interactions with different people related to the God of High School Tournament. Jin has a run in with an incredibly powerful old man who also happens to be a doctor. The old man is one of the six summoned by Park Mujin and is familiar with Jin’s grandfather. Han speaks with Park Mujin. Park wanted to make sure that Han’s dedication to the tournament was not going to suffer once his friend passed away. Han satisfies Park’s doubts and ends up asking Park about what’s going on behind the scenes. Park explains about Charyeok, fighters who borrow supernatural powers. Yoo runs into the tournament announcer in the grocery store. It turns out he was blinded by the Moonlight Sword Style. He gives Yoo some advice to help her in the next round.

Don't trust people in bunny suits
The announcer’s assassin

The anime episode closes out with the announcer and one of the commissioners getting assassinated by a member of NOX. Jin Mori’s grandfather continues his battle against NOX in the forest and we’re brought to the first round of the national God of High School Tournament.


This anime steps likes to step on the accelerator. I feel like God of High School is a drag race from start to finish. Maybe it’s because Jin Mori is Goku level simple and is only interested in fighting stronger opponents. We’re only six episodes in to this anime and there’s already two mysterious organizations working against each other. One organizes a fighting tournament in an attempt to find strong high school students for their own untold reasons while the other wants to bring about some kind of apocalyptic event. Meanwhile we’ve got insanely powerful people walking around, some with mysterious powers and some just plain strong.

Nox trying to defeat Jin's grandfather with a massive sword
Nox trying to defeat Jin’s grandfather with a massive sword

The overall feel of the anime is upbeat and fun. I like this for God of High School. As I mentioned before, Jin reminds me of Goku. He’s friendly, lovable, simple, and just looking for a good fight. Jin draws people to him by his charisma, in spite of himself sometimes. Even the fighting is usually upbeat. The assassinations at the end couldn’t bring the overall feel of this anime down. I also like how the opening of the anime helps in this department. God of High School has gone a different route and used more of a EDM style music opening to go along with some bright colors. It does a good job of setting the mood from the get go.

I do like how there is some more serious parts in the anime. I’m a little confused, though, about the two organizations working in the background. Up until this episode I thought there was only one group working behind the scenes. I was wrong and it appears that these two organization know each other well. Since Nox has drawn first blood I’m sure there will be some more interesting fights going forward. I do want to see more of that massive sword that was pulled out to fight Jin Taejin.

The one drawback that I see about God of High School is that sometimes it feels like it goes too fast as far as the story goes. Yoo’s wedding episode is a perfect example of that. In this episode, the God of High School commission is already down it’s announcer and one of it’s commissioners. They’ve also already summoned what I believe is their six strongest members. I don’t feel like I get to marinate on any one plot point. It’s like we’re going from one thrill to the next. I don’t know how this will end up as God of High School will have to continually provide us with non-stop action. I hope they’ll be able to keep it up.

Is this episode worth watching?

Sure thing! God of High School Episode 6 is an entertaining anime episode. Strap in though, because it’ll take you on a high speed ride.

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