I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 13 Review

I’m Standing on a Million Lives is back with episode 13. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be back so soon. I thought that this was going to be one of those “One season and done” anime that litter the anime world. It must’ve made enough of an impression to warrant a second season so we’ll go ahead and cover it here!

I know that doesn’t sound like much of an endorsement but it can’t be helped. While I did review the first season of I’m Standing on Million Lives after it aired and there were some things that were good, it’s still got an uphill battle to stand out. That’s unfortunately the fate of any new Isekai anime these days. The market is so saturated with Isekai anime that just the thought of watching another one makes me think twice.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to review anime like this. As much fun as it is to review the latest episode of My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan, I wanted to see if there were other anime out there worth watching. You can only watch Eren Jeager’s lust for revenge so many times after all. I have to fill my time with something, so it might as well be some random anime series.

Now that you know where I’m starting from, let’s go ahead and get into the review of I’m Standing on 1,000,000 Lives episode 13!

Where can I watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13?

You can watch this anime episode on Crunchyroll. There are also a number of other sites that have it available, but they all get their streaming rights through Crunchyroll. In my view, why not just go to the source? I’ve already got a subscription there, so there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

If you’ve got a subscription as well, you can watch the most recent episodes of I’m Standing on a Million Lives as they air. If not, you’ll have to wait a week in order to watch and you’ll have to sit through commercials. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting a subscription just to watch this anime if you don’t already have one, FYI. It’s just a bonus if you already do.

Watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 13 on Crunchyroll

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13 get right?

For a recap episode, I think the story was done pretty well. I didn’t remember anything about what went on in the first season. Really, that’s how much of an impression this anime made on me the first time. It was much needed to be reminded who the main characters were and what they did in the first twelve episodes of the anime.

Yuusuke Yotsuya is the main character. He’s joined by Iu Shindo, Kusue Hakozaki and Yuka Tokitate. Their group of four is expanded by one when Keita Torii is summoned to the other world. The group gets their quest and goes off to try and figure things out.

This is where I really like I’m Standing on a Million Lives. Whenever someone has to interact with the Game Master I’m entertained. The Game Master is some half-baked high school coding project that was left incomplete. He’s the one in charge though, so you have to respect what he says.

I guess you can say that I like the whole atmosphere around Yuusuke and the others when they’re first brought to this other world. It’s different than other Isekai anime. Because of the nature of the Game Master, they have to figure out what they’re supposed to do in order to complete the mission. It’s a challenge just to do that.

What does that mean for this episode?

Because of the Game Master’s incredibly vague quest, the group goes searching for Kahabell, one of their friends from the previous adventure. This kicks off a series of flashbacks that helps remind us what went on. Apparently it’s been 15 years since the events of the first 12 episodes of the anime. We get to see a couple characters that have long been forgotten as well as flashes of where they were first introduced.

I’d rather have a recap episode like this than one that solely focuses on retelling events one at a time. With I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13 doing it this way, the narrative gets advanced enough for us to start caring again. If it’s done the other way, I typically turn the episode off half-way through.

What did episode 13 get wrong?

Frankly, episode 13 was a little boring. Once the adventure started to get going there was nothing that really stood out as exciting. Yes, Yuusuke and Keita had a fight, but it wasn’t that serious. Keita just wanted to get Yuusuke back for hitting his younger brother. Remember, Yuusuke saved the two boys from the criminal debt collector in the previous season.

Maybe it’s just that I’m over watching Isekai anime, but I can’t get excited over the thought of slogging through another trek with characters in an alternate world. That’s not true. I enjoyed Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World season 1. I guess an Isekai has to be done exceptionally well for me to get into it.

Unfortunately there’s not much in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13, more than a few quirks, that tells me this anime will really stand out. We’ll see if this anime will be able to exceed my expectations or not.

Is I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13 worth watching?

You’re not going to miss much by skipping this anime altogether. It’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world. I’d rate it a 5 or 6 out of 10. I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 13 falls into that range. There are some things that I like, but at the same time the overall feel of the episode is kind of bland. We’ll see if this trend continues.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 14 preview

The end of episode 13 doesn’t give us much of a hint at what’s going to happen in the next episode. We just get to see the Game Master hold up a sign with the title. There aren’t any short scenes showing us highlights or anything.

From the sign, it looks like episode 14 is going to be broken up into three different sections. The title of I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 14 is “Hakozaki Kusue’s Idol Debut!? Yotsuya Yuusuke’s New Job is City Council Member!? The Majiha Purple Murder Case.” How all of this is going to fit into one episode with enough content each to satisfy the story will be quite a feat. Let’s see if this anime can pull it off.

Now go watch some anime!

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