I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 20 Review

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Had it not been for Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun season 2 episode 20 being delayed a week, this review wouldn’t have come out for another couple of days. Frankly, I wasn’t looking forward to watching I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20. This anime has been mediocre at best. Circumstances change things so here we are! Now, is this anime episode worth watching? Let’s find out!

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Where can I watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20?

Crunchyroll is the best place to find Million Lives. They’re the ones who air this anime every Friday at around 12:30 PM. Normally I’d spend the last 30 minutes of my lunch watching it, but lately that’s been a tough task. It’s just been a little rough lately.

Besides Crunchyroll, you can also catch Million Lives episode 20 over at VRV. VRV streams this anime courtesy of Crunchyroll. They’ve got some sort of agreement worked out where VRV can use anime hosted on Crunchyroll’s site. As such, I’ve never shown any interest in signing up at VRV’s site. What’s the point if I’ve already got access to the anime? It might be a viable option for you though, so give it a look.

Watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 20 at Crunchyroll or VRV

How was the story in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20?

The story in episode 20 was better than what we were given with Jiffon Island. That said, the entire episode doesn’t rise above mediocrity. The Zagroth village chief is so obvious in his schemes that it’s shocking that the heroes fell into his traps. Even Yotsuya and Glen, the two smartest heroes, fell into them without questioning the circumstances.

The larger narrative of the anime episode is one that should be pretty easy for everyone to follow. Zagroth is a small, isolated town that’s struggled with monster attacks. With limited resources, elderly residents are asked to travel on a journey to seek out more habitable areas. These “Journey’s of Life” are nothing more than a death sentence. Zagroth is practicing population control.

As expected from a town with corrupt leadership, Zagroth’s chief uses these “Journey’s of Life” to get rid of people who disagree with him or he dislikes. That’s what happened to Jezby’s dad and another man. It led to Jezby’s family being ostracized. You know, the typical stuff. Zagroth is being led by an evil person who’s up to no good. The people live in fear and something needs to be done.

How did the Zagroth chief handle the heroes?

As of right now, I’m assuming that the mission that the heroes have of “Saving the town of Zagroth” means freeing it from the chief’s control. Considering that the chief sees the heroes as nuisances, I think it’s safe to say that’s the case. The village chief is planning something and the heroes could ruin everything.

The part of the story that I have a hard time with is that the heroes willingly went along with the village chief’s plans even knowing that he’s a bad actor. I get that besides Yotsuya and Glen the other heroes have been shown to be less than intelligent. That’s the nice way of putting it. They’re a bunch of worthless idiots. I just did not expect the chief to be able to trap them so easily.

It’s a stretch to assume that the audience will buy that Yotsuya and crew will easily believe a man who’s been made out to be a bad guy. Yes, Yotsuya and Glen would probably still be polite, but why would they follow him into a dark cellar? Why then would they both walk into a storage room with dusty furniture? It all seems rather too convenient. That’s the story for all of I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20 get right?

I will say that after watching episode 20 I want to punch the village chief in the face. Unfortunately, he’s already missing most of his teeth, so I couldn’t knock them out. He’s just so easy to dislike, and that’s his entire role. Million Lives episode 20 set out to create a easily despised local leader and it successfully did so.

As much as I was suspicious of Jezby early on, once we got to the village of Zagroth all of that quickly went away. She was just wary of the heroes because of what the village chief did to her family. Now she’s an orphan and her brother is catatonic. What kind of monster would destroy families like that for his own convenience? That’s why I can’t stand him.

What else did you like?

I wrote down in my notes “Glen’s actually intelligent.” This was before she and Yotsuya fell into the village chief’s trap. Had it not been for that misstep, I’d have no problem going on how nice it is for Yotsuya to actually have another hero who can use their brain. Critical thinking is something that’s been in short supply in this entire anime. It’s normally just been done by Yotsuya.

Glen has shown us that she’s not just taking up space like the other heroes. She appears to be able to read the room and understand what’s going on. She also has some level of discernment when it comes to dealing with people. Should Glen and Yotsuya make it out of that cell, the fate of the group will be in their hands.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20 get wrong?

The first thing that really stood out to me that needs to be added to this section is the monsters. We saw it with the goblin last episode as well. The new powered up monsters are able to one-hit the heroes, but go down in one-hit themselves. Why is that?

In episode 20, the zombiefied corpse of Jezby’s dad grabs Hakozaki by the neck and it’s an instant death. Yotsuya follows that up by easily cutting off the zombie’s head with a cooking knife. You’d think there would be more of a struggle. If the monsters are so strong that just by gripping a heroes throat they cause death, certainly they can withstand one hit from the heroes. Right?

The goblin was the same way. He killed Torii with no issue only to fall to Glen’s axe in one swing. I’m Standing on a Million Lives is sending mixed messages over just how strong the monsters are. Can they easily defeat the heroes or can the heroes easily defeat them? It seems like it should be one or the other.

Would you also put the village chief’s schemes in this section?

The fact that the village chief is cruel and corrupt is fine. I just don’t understand how the heroes could be so stupid that they fall so easily into his traps. Haven’t the heroes spent any time watching anime or reading stories where the evil character lures unsuspecting victims into danger? The chief’s obviously giving off that vibe, so they could stand to be a little bit cautious.

It’s what I’ve come to expect from I’m Standing on a Million Lives and episode 20 is no different. There’s just no getting away from the stupidity of the main characters unless you decide to turn off this anime completely. I’ve committed to the long haul, so that’s not an option for me. Hopefully we’re almost done with this part of the season.

Is I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20 worth watching?

While it’s better than some of the recent episodes that we’ve been given, I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 20 still has its flaws. This one is more watchable, but it’s still nothing great. If you’ve committed yourself to this anime, you’ll be relieved that it’s gotten a little bit better. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, my suggestion would be to not start watching unless there’s really nothing else. Spend your time watching an anime that you really enjoy.

Now go watch some anime!

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