I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 21 Review

I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 appears like it’s trying to do the right things, but it ultimately falls flat. I don’t know what it is off the top of my head, but there’s just something off with this anime. Maybe by the time this review is over with I’ll be able to put to words what I’m feeling. There’s just something not clicking.

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Where can I watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21?

This anime can be found over at Crunchyroll. New episodes come out every Friday around noon EST. They also carry the first part of season 1, if you’re wanting to go back and watch that. It’s up to you.

Because Crunchyroll carries this anime, VRV does as well. There’s an agreement between VRV and Crucnchyroll which allows VRV to stream content courtesy of Crunchyroll. I personally wouldn’t choose their site over Crunchyroll, because why go through the trouble, but it is an option.

Watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 21 at Crunchyroll or VRV

How was the story in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21?

Have you ever eaten sunflower seeds? If you have, you’ve probably experienced what I’m about to describe. Every now and then, you’ll come across a sunflower seed that’s just plain rotten. You’ll work your way through the outer shell, take a bite of the see and get this awful bitter taste. It’ll linger there for a little bit until you manage to crack open another sunflower seed and get a better taste. It’ll take a couple good seeds before the bad taste is completely gone.

I give you this example because it’s now going to take me a couple of good anime episodes to clean out the bad taste that I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 left in my mouth. Really, I’m not exaggerating. Watching episode 21 makes me want to put down anime for a while and go watch something else. Maybe I’ll even watch some British baking show.

That’s harsh! Was it really that bad?

I think things have been building up. Million Lives has been testing my high tolerance of mediocre content. I’m someone who’s pretty content with what I’ve been given. Don’t expect many complaints from me over stuff that some people can’t stand. This is especially true when it comes to food, but that’s a completely different topic.

Million Lives has made it on to my list of anime you should not watch though. They broke through the barrier and that’s a pretty impressive feat. Episode 21 is a perfect example of why. I’ll be happy to explain it for you too.

First off, episode 21 starts off with probably the most stupid scene I’ve seen in anime for a long time. We open with the heroes hanging from a bridge about to fall into a bog that no one returns from. The village chief is about to cut the other rope and drop them in when he hears a distance roar from a monster. This distracts him long enough for Iru to pull out her staff and knock the chief out.

Do you really expect me to believe that Iru had the time to summon her staff that quickly? Am I supposed to believe that the chief would get distracted from the heroes by a distant roar? Why does everything happen so fast that it feels like we’re watching something written by an amateur?

You’ll need to elaborate further. Written by an amateur?

Yes. I stand by that comment. Just think about this for a moment. The village chief captured Yotsuya and Glen. Next he tried to kill the other four heroes. Then, when he’s tied up and brought to his house, the heroes allow the village chief to spout off lie after lie without saying a word. They didn’t even try to explain what was going on to the rest of the villagers. What kind of stupid storytelling is that?

Wouldn’t you expect there to be some kind of argument between the heroes and the village chief when they start to tell the story of what happened? Wouldn’t one of the villagers want to know why the heroes have their chief tied up? I’m not talking about the chief’s story either. I’d think that someone would be interested in hearing what the heroes have to say.

That’s not what we get. All we get to see is a group of worthless heroes standing around while a boy tries to save the girl he has a crush on. That’s another thing. Froc, the boy, gets the upper hand on the only two guards we’ve seen. You mean to tell me the chief throws his weight around with just the backup of two guards who can get flustered by a boy? The people of Zagroth really are pathetic and get what they deserve.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 get right?

I’m tempted to leave this section empty. It wouldn’t be all that hard to do. There was one point in episode 21 that I did like so it wouldn’t be good to leave it out of this review. When Torii finally got angry enough to jump into action it was satisfying that he ended up punching the village chief. It was well deserved and it’s been a long time coming.

The village chief is one of those characters that will do or say anything to maintain their position. At least that part has been done right. He’s manipulative, abusive and a downright liar. The chief needed to realize that there are consequences to his behavior and I think he might’ve just learned that a little bit. Will the lesson stick? Probably not. I was just glad to see him get some of what he deserves.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 get wrong?

Don’t worry, I won’t rehash everything I said about the story. I could, but that’d just be rambling at this point. Thankfully in between the time that I wrote that section and when I’m writing this one I’ve had some time to think. I was emotionally disgusted after watching episode 21 and starting writing this review as a way to process those feelings. Now I’ve had some time to think, and the episode is still bad.

One of the reasons why I think so is because of how random events would just happen. There was always a reason for these events, but they seemed too convenient. It’s like they would happen just because that’s what’s supposed to happen, not because it made any sense.

What am I talking about? I’ll be glad to share! The first of these examples is at the beginning of I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 when everyone’s hanging from a bridge. The chief gets distracted by a monster’s howl for a brief moment, but in that moment Iu pulls out her staff and blasts the chief with a spell. That knocks him out and allows the heroes to get the upper hand.

The problem with this scene is that it happened in the blink of an eye. We went from seeing Iu hanging on to the bridge for dear life to suddenly wielding her staff. It gave off the impression that there was no time in between to transition. It felt forced, like this is what has to happen because it’s what the story says.

Where there any other moments like these?

Yes. Near the end of Million Lives episode 21 there was another one of these moments. When it was time for Yotsuya and the other heroes to climb down the well a rock randomly is thrown and destroys the ladder. The rock was tossed by monster centipede somehow and it was supposed to be a suspenseful moment. The heroes will have to jump down or die at the hands of the monsters!

There are a few problems with this scene. The first of which is how did we get from monsters being on the horizon to them being on top of the chief’s mansion? Did the monsters teleport? The second problem is how in the world did the centipede throw the rock? We were given a poor piece of animation with rocks flying around the centipede, but nothing that actually showed us the mechanics.

Finally, and this is the last thing I’ll say in this section, what’s the point in doing this at all? We know the heroes can regenerate. Forcing them to jump to their deaths down a well isn’t a big deal. They’ll just pop back up after a minute and continue on. It just felt like a meaningless waste of time.

Is I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 worth watching?

No. I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 21 is not worth watching. That’s a pretty impressive feat for an anime because I don’t typically give these recommendations out. Normally, if an anime is not my favorite I’ll say so, but I’ll always give you the option of trying it yourself. Not with this one! I wouldn’t recommend watching it.

Now, if you like bad anime then you might like this one. I can’t help you with that problem though. You’ll have to work on that yourself. If that’s you then I’m Standing on a Million Lives, with all of it’s idiotic characters and plot holes, will be the perfect match for you. I hope you enjoy because I sure didn’t. Unfortunately there are still a few episodes left in this season to get through.

Now go watch some anime!

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