I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 22 Review

While I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 wasn’t the worst episode of this anime season, I still want someone to take this anime behind the shed and put it out of its misery. If there ever happens to be a second season I will not be watching it. I’m only finishing up season 1 because I don’t want to stop mid-way through. With that said, let’s get to the review!

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Where can I watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22?

If you really want to force this anime on yourself and watch it, you can go over to Crunchyroll. They’re the ones who have the rights to stream Million Lives and I’m not sure if that’s a damning statement or not. I realize not every anime out there is going to be interesting and captivating, but I hold a special grudge against this one. It’s a good thing that Crunchyroll also carries some of my favorites. Otherwise I’d be questioning my subscription status.

Other than Crunchyroll, you can also watch episode 22 over at VRV. From what I’ve been able to tell, VRV has agreements with several streaming companies to access their content. It’s like an all-in-one stop shop for different forms of entertainment. I’m not sure if you have to have a subscription to all of those other places or can just use a VRV subscription, but it’s all there. It might be a viable option for you so go check it out.

Watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 22 at Crunchyroll or VRV

How was the story in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22?

It’s not without its problems, but at least the story in episode 22 made sense. We even got the added benefit of most of the heroes actually doing something to help out. That’s a nice change of pace. Kusue Hakozaki even pitched in during a fight. Not that she killed anything, she was just there to hold a shield. That’s definitely an improvement for her character.

The story for episode 22 was basically a murder mystery that got solved almost immediately. Yotsuya and the others learn that the camp that they discovered was made by the survivors from the Journey of Hope. They’re obviously not too happy to learn that the village was laid waste and that one of the survivors was the chief. They all abandon the encampment as the monsters appear to be on their way.

During the trip through the woods, the village chief is killed. The culprit outs himself by giving away information that he shouldn’t be privy to. From there he’s tied up and things get a little questionable. As the heroes are debating what to do, Iris is found to have a wireworm attached to her head. You’ll remember that from Jezby’s dad. It’s the thing that makes people into zombies.

That sounds pretty straightforward. So the story wasn’t that bad?

I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 was not the worst this anime has to offer, but it’s by far not perfect. There was one point where the heroes decided to ambush a goblin encampment then we were all of a sudden ready for the ambush. It seemed abrupt. There was little to no planning on how to attack. It was made even more confusing by the goblins being aware of the attack coming.

If the heroes just decided at the last moment that they wanted to attack the goblin camp, how would the goblins know to lay a trap? I assume we’re supposed to become more suspicious of the group of humans, but I don’t see how the logistics would work in this case. It’s as if someone who can control monsters is secretly shadowing our party of heroes and townsfolk. If that’s the case you’d think they would’ve showed themselves by now.

What about the chief being killed? How was that?

The story surrounding the chief dying was also suspect. You’d think there would be some noise or a struggle. The chief was stabbed in his midsection so he would’ve seen his attacker face-to-face. I’m guessing that he wouldn’t have just accepted his fate calmly and quietly. I’d also think that the murderer would’ve gotten blood on their hands, literally.

The way I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 presents the chiefs murder is more calm than that. There are no signs that any of what I just mentioned happened. He’s just all of a sudden dead and no one knows who the killer is. It feels like this plot element is just tossed in there because it’s supposed to be. That’s a big problem with this anime.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 get right?

The only thing that I put in my notes for this section is that episode 22 didn’t do anything blatantly wrong like previous episodes had. There were no mine carts filled with lava. All of the heroes actually did something. Things happen that you’d expect to happen, at least for the most part.

That being said, nothing was particularly outstanding. At least there was nothing that should be mentioned here. I’m not going to just heap false praise on an anime that doesn’t deserve it just to fill out a review. I can write more than enough stuff in the next section!

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 get wrong?

Despite not being the worst episode in this anime, episode 22 was still just slow and boring. Even the fighting wasn’t all that exciting. Yes, it was nice to see Iu level up and become a elite swordsman, but it’s too little too late at this point. Chopping off a few goblin heads isn’t going to turn around an episode. I guess the big problem I have with I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 is that it’s just so bland. It’s not enjoyable to watch.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching tons of anime in order to be able to write reviews to fill up this blog, but I’ve seen everything that’s being put into this story. With it not being done very well, it makes for a long and difficult watch. That ultimately makes watching Million Lives a chore. I don’t know about you but I don’t watch anime because it’s a chore. I want to watch because it’s entertaining.

As of right now, I get to Friday and I go “Oh no. I have to watch the new episode of I’m Standing on a Million Lives.” It’s become this soul sucking experience. It’s going to take something extraordinary for this anime to pull itself out of that zone and I don’t see it on the horizon. I’ll just have to face the fact that I’ll have to sit through the final couple of episodes of this season and expect to be bored. Fantastic!

Is I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 worth watching?

No. I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 22 is not worth watching. It’s better than past episodes, but it’s still not good. If every episode were at this level then Million Lives would be an average anime. It would be lost to time after the season ended. I wish that were the case here. Unfortunately I think this anime will be stuck in my mind for a long time to come, and not for good reasons either. It will be burned into my memory for all of the completely impractical and improbable plot elements that get introduced. I’ll need a lot of palate cleansers after this.

Now go watch some anime!

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