Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 11 Review

Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 pulls out a standard anime episode to get us to what I expect is the end. After a quick look, yes, episode 12 will be the final one in this season of the anime. I don’t expect there to be a season 2. Everything is pointing to there not being a second season after all.

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What do you think of what went on in episode 11?

It didn’t take long for me to recognize what type of story was being told. Kuzuhara is one step away from having to declare openly that he’s in opposition to the Shogunate. Sawa Karasumori is now on the path to facing the person who’s really responsible for killing her family. It only took a little time for her to get past the realization that she’ll be leaving Asahi.

That’s right! Asahi is back. Kuzuhara was able to get a med school dropout to save the girl’s life. Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 isn’t completely without its surprises. Somehow the moment wasn’t as completely shocking as it was supposed to be. Maybe it’s because we already knew that Hanakaze was still alive.

Asahi’s arrival coupled with Hanakaze giving birth to her daughter actually created a pretty touching moment. I actually wished that Sawa could live peacefully at the bookshop and felt for her later on when she was crying. It was blatantly obvious that Sawa was giving Asahi all of the sentimental gifts she always intended to give her.

What did Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 get right?

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think about this question was the scene between Sawa Karasumori and Asahi. I just mentioned it above but I think it deserves a little more explanation. With Asahi popping back onto the scene you really do hope that the two can finally live the life they got a taste of a few episodes ago.

Listening to the two imagine the life they could live together brings out nothing but a sad sense of “what if.” We know that Sawa has no intention of going through with their plans. She’s wanted by the government and has an opportunity to get revenge. She’s trying to appease Asahi before having to make the tough decision to leave her forever.

Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 also did a good job of finally getting to the point where the Shogunate’s government is collapsing. Tokyo is descending into chaos. We’ve seen the slow progression of this ever since the first episode. Dissension and revolt have been brewing for a long time and it’s finally coming to a head.

I think that this is an excellent example of how to slowly build up a piece of a story over time. The Shogunate’s government has been a steady theme throughout the anime. Watching it crumble has provided a good backdrop for what’s going on with the main characters. It’s finally culminating here and it feels like it’s the right time.

What did episode 11 get wrong?

I could’ve done with a little bit less of the birthing scene. Before you criticize me too much for that, just know that I’ve been in the room for the birth of both of my children. Now they did both come via cesarean after over a day’s worth of labor, but it’s still not something I want to relive in anime.

Now that I think about it, Elena Hanakaze was a lucky woman. In the timeline of Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11, Hanakaze spent what I would say was about six hours in labor. For your first child that is not something that’s normal. I know some women who have that experience, but it’s more common to spend a long time until the baby is finally born. I get that it’s not practical here, but it still caught my attention.

On another note, I was surprised that Kuzuhara didn’t end up getting arrested. The leader of the Shogunate’s troops obviously knew what was going on. Kuzuhara betrayed the Shogunate’s commands and helped Sawa Karasumori escape. Considering the state of the nation, you would think he’d be a dangerous person to allow to roam free.

Is Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 worth watching?

I enjoyed watching it. Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 11 is a good transition episode going into the final battle. It’s not perfect, but it gets it’s point across. I’m of the opinion that this anime is putting out some of its better episodes here at the end. It’s not trying to be too clever for its own good anymore. I will be interested to see how everything ends.

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