Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Episodes 5-6 Review

Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Episodes 5-6 Review

I’m a little bit annoyed right now. It’s not anything about Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood. It’s not even about anime in general. I’m annoyed because I had an entire post written on Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun that was not saved by WordPress because of an issue with cookies in my browser. Basically, cookies interfere with WordPress sometimes and it causes the platform to act weird.

I switched from Godaddy’s website builder program to WordPress because I wanted more functionality in this site. There’s also the added benefit that WordPress is by far the most used website platform and the search engines act accordingly. I expected a slightly more difficult operation but I was not expecting this.

Anyways, enough complaining. I’ll save that for Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood. I’m kidding to some extent of course. Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episodes 5 and 6 continue in the same fashion that the previous four episodes did. If you go back and read some of my reviews of the previous episodes, you’ll notice that I’ve been mixed on what’s happened so far. In a nutshell, the story feels rushed.

First Thoughts After Watching These Episodes

I can’t help but feel that there are missing parts in everything that’s going on. While we’re growing more familiar with the characters, I still do not have a sense of attachment to any of them. That even includes Sawa Karasumori, the main character. I get that she’s listless and without motivation after her successful act of revenge, but I have a hard time getting emotionally invested in her character.

Elena Hanakaze talking to Kuzuhara about her pregnancy.
Hanakaze foreshadowing her death.

I’m also not sure about the chain of events in episode 5. Not to completely spoil it but, Hanakaze finds out she’s pregnant. It looks like she’s off to live a peaceful life with her publisher when things take a turn. I don’t understand why she had to die when it looked like her life was approved by Nue. I’m confused.

I’m also confused by Kuzuhara’s actions in episode 6. Did Kuzuhara decide to oppose the Shogunate? He obviously suspects something is up with Sawa’s “death.” He’s still a high ranking member of the Shogunate’s government. Kuzuhara even had the Shogun speak to him, which is more than the other cabinet members can say.

What’s Holding Me Back on a Full Endorsement?

I understand that this is a story of fulfilled revenge and the quest for purpose in life. I can tell right now that Sawa Karasumori is going to end up fighting the Shogunate and Nue. They won’t leave her alone and will potentially kill Asahi. We saw from Hanazake’s incident that members of Nue are not allowed to peacefully leave.

Kuzuhara killing police officers in order to help insurrectionists.
Kuzuhara after killing two police officers.

I get all of that and typically a story like this would interest me. I just can’t get past the feeling that Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood is anything more than an average to above average anime. I’m not fully invested in the characters and their stories. I don’t understand the motivations behind some of the characters’ actions. I’m just left with a feeling of “Why” or “What’s the point behind all of this?”

Are Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Episodes 5-6 Worth Watching?

If you’re looking for an anime to watch this season and you’re out of all of the normal options, Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood isn’t a bad anime to watch. I’m not going to go out and say this is an instant classic. It provides content that at times is exciting and at other times is lackluster. There’s just not enough here for me to say “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ONE!!!!”

Now go watch some anime!


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