Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Review

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 - Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru taking his blindfold off and using Domain Expansion

I’m really disappointed right now.

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I’m not disappointed because Jujutsu Kaisen episode 7 was bad. No, it was good. I’m disappointed because I was hoping I’d get to make a nickname for Jougo but Satoru went ahead and said what I was thinking. I’m still going to call Jougo “Volcano Head” from here on out just because it’s easier. Oh well. I’ll still use it but I can’t claim making it.

Anyways, we finally get to see Satoru in action. Volcano Head confronts Satoru and even though he’s pretty strong he can’t lay a finger on Satoru. This is due to Satoru’s curse, Infinity. Basically the closer Volcano Head gets to Satoru the slower he goes.

Satoru then channels his inner Shigeo Kageyama and tosses Volcano Head around like a beach ball. The music during this section reminded me of One Punch Man, and Satoru’s dominance over Volcano Head was just as impressive as Saitama’s over everything else in that anime.

Being the teacher he is, Satoru collects Itadori from his training and brings him to the battlefield. Satoru wants to teach Itadori about Domain Expansion. We get to just how powerful Satoru is when his Domain easily overpowers Volcano Head’s Domain.

Volcano Head is rescued by another curse and everyone regroups. The curses meet up at a beach while Satoru tells Itadori that he’ll be training with him for the next month. It appears that up next will be the exchange event with Kyoto Prefectural Jujutsu High.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 - Satoru and Jougo holding hands
Satoru holding hands with Volcano Head

It seems like Jujutsu Kaisen is taking a page from Noblesse in having one of it’s strongest characters get to show off his powers this week. Just like Rai’s demolition of Crans in Noblesse episode 6, Satoru has no issues dispatching Jougo.

I think Domain Expansion is one of the more interesting anime techniques I’ve seen recently. We been able to see three unique Domains already, and they’re all very different from one another. Sukuna’s was dark and eerie. Volcano Head’s was as you’d expect, fiery and hot. Satoru’s played well with his Infinity ability. It gives the perception that Volcano Head is experiencing everything there is in the universe.

The humor of Jujutsu Kaisen shines through once again. Being a big Lord of the Rings fan, I couldn’t help but appreciate that Itadori was watching the end of The Fellowship of the Ring when Satoru came to pick him up.

Watching Satoru not take Volcano Head seriously is pretty hilarious as well. I almost thought that Satoru just wanted to hold hands with Volcano Head for a second. Of course, Satoru proceeded to beat Volcano Head down, but it took long enough to get ahold of his hand that it made the atmosphere change from serious to hilarious.

Is Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Worth Watching?

Yes. Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 is worth watching. It feels like this anime season decided to ramp up the action all on the same week. From Noblesse to Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III and now to Jujutsu Kaisen we’ve been treated to a lot of good fights. Now I need to go over to Fire Force and see if they keep the theme going.

Now go watch some anime!

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