Kingdom Season 1 Episode 12 Review

Kingdom season 1 episode 12 makes me really wish that this anime wasn’t done in CGI. Xin and Zuo Ci’s fight should be an epic moment. Instead, the impact of what just happened isn’t as great because the animation just doesn’t stack up to other anime sword fights. I’ll take Kenshin vs. Shishio over this any day.

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What do you think of what went on in Kingdom season 1 episode 12?

Thankfully, episode 12 is in the middle of a very important point in the anime. Xin is face-to-face with one of the strongest members of the opposite side. Zheng is busy trying to stay alive long enough for Xin to make it to the throne room. There’s so much at stake!

Kingdom season 1 episode 12 does a really good job of making you feel like Zheng’s attempt to recover the throne is a race against time. Every fight is a fight against a superior force. Our heroes are constantly having to fight two, three or even four enemies at a time. The only time that a fight becomes one on one is when Xin is fighting Zuo Ci.

The fight itself is a little unrealistic, much like most of Xin’s fights in this anime. There’s no way that a young boy would be able to hold his own in a fight against a seasoned fighter. Xin is, of course, supposed to be special and this is anime we’re talking about. The normal rules of life don’t necessarily apply.

What did episode 12 get right?

Like I just mentioned, Kingdom season 1 episode 12 does a good job at putting the heroes in a tough spot. It gives them the opportunity to show off though, and I really enjoy watching it. The mountain folk are extremely tough. Yang Duanhe is a beast even amongst the mountain folk. Zheng is no slouch and Xin has a strength that only anime idiots possess.

Xin’s stupidity only helps him in his fight against Zuo Ci. He doesn’t know that he’s supposed to be scared of the man standing in front of him. That ignorance helps Xin stand toe-to-toe, trading blows with his opponent. Considering how Zuo Ci has been described to us, it’s an impressive feat.

Another part of episode 12 that is done well is Zheng’s personality during the entire fight. He’s right in the front of the fighting, risking his life. While Cheng Jiao has been portrayed as an entitled brat with a superiority complex, Zheng is the opposite. He’s driven to the point where he’s willing to risk it all. I can’t help but respect that level of drive.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 12 get wrong?

Yet again, I’m confused by the usage of blood in the fight. It seems to come and go at random. There was a point in Kingdom season 1 episode 12 where I saw one of the mountain folk pierced by four spears without one drop of blood flowing from him.

I don’t know about you, but I expect to see at least a little blood if someone is stuck like a bull in a Spanish bullfight. It’s a big issue for me if an anime leaves something like this out. That’s especially true if it’s shown that blood is just fine. It just shouts a lack of attention to detail.

The final part of episode 12 that really disappointed me was the fight between Xin and Zuo Ci. Don’t misunderstand me, the fight itself was fine, but that was the problem. The fight was only just fine. It could’ve been so much more.

All of the elements to an epic fight were there except for the animation. This was one of those moments when I could tell that CGI is clearly inferior to the normal animation methods. I would’ve enjoyed it so much more if Kingdom had decided to animate itself in a different way. I can’t pretend that I’m not disappointed.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 12 worth watching?

I think so. While I don’t think that episode 12 hit as high of a note as it could have, it’s still an entertaining anime episode. It’s one of those episodes that had me wondering what was going to happen even though I know that multiple episodes and seasons are still ahead. I am looking forward to what’s coming next so I’ll be off now to see what happens!

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