Kingdom Season 1 Episode 14 Review

I can’t help but get more interested in ancient China after watching Kingdom season 1 episode 14. I’m being serious too. My favorite anime are ones that borrow their stories from history because it brings a sense of realism to the story. When it’s done right, like what Kingdom has been doing, I can’t do anything but want to watch.

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What do you think about the story in episode 14?

I was fully engrossed in what was going on. Despite Xin being in a pretty cliche situation, I could easily sit back and enjoy what was going on. Why do I say Xin was in a cliche situation? Well, if you’ve watched anime for any length of time you’ll recognize the layout of this episode.

Kingdom season 1 episode 14 opens with Xin unconscious. Everyone else is on the defensive against Lan Kai and the situation doesn’t look good. It’s up to Xin to find some inner strength, wake up and overcome the monster standing between them and Cheng Jiao. It doesn’t matter that Xin is less than half Lan Kai’s size, lacks experience, is beaten up or is just a boy. Xin is going to be the hero.

I don’t know about you, but from my experience that describes the protagonist in just about any Shonen anime. Thankfully, Kingdom at least executes its story well. Enough so that I can look past the obviously ridiculous premise that a boy could bring down a monster like Lan Kai.

With the monster defeated, everything else flows as you’d expect. Cheng Jiao and Jie Shi become desperate to escape. Cheng Jiao himself struggles to grasp that his worldview is being challenged. Kingdom season 1 episode 14 did a good job of making him out to be a spoiled, arrogant brat who needed to be taken down a notch. Cheng Jiao’s childish behavior is a stark contrast to his brother Zheng, who’s fighting for his life on the battlefield.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 14 get right?

Besides what you can pick out from the section above, I think Kingdom season 1 episode 14 did a good job of challenging Cheng Jiao’s view of the world. After Cheng Jiao spoke about the superiority of the nobility and the roles of both classes, you just wanted to punch the guy. Thankfully Xin was there to point out the obvious.

Xin threw Cheng Jiao’s words right back at him. He pointed out that Cheng Jiao is exactly what he accused the lower class of being, dishonest, violent, backstabbing, etc. With Lan Kai defeated and his opponents planning on cutting off his head, Cheng Jiao finally had to face the consequences. Unfortunately that was delayed, but I don’t see things going well for him.

I also enjoyed the arrival of General Wang Yi. He’s an odd duck that doesn’t fit in well on either side of this fight. I get the sense that he just wants to fight. Either that or he’s making a play to take over China himself. He did send his lieutenant to the Royal Court to take care of things after all.

Wang Yi could not have had a more intimidating introduction to the battle. Easily dispatching another general, who was on horseback, after jumping down from the wall was just impressive. It this were a video game Wang Yi would be one of those characters that would be incredibly difficult to defeat, but you could possibly lure them to your side. Whatever side he decides to join, they’ll get a massive power boost.

What did episode 14 get wrong?

Kingdom season 1 episode 14 did stretch my belief a little bit in the fight with Lan Kai. Xin and the mountain folk were able to absorb some pretty heavy hits from the monster. Considering our introduction to Lan Kai was him squishing a grown man like a bug, I’d think one or two hits would be enough.

There’s also the revelation that Lan Kai might be part ape. I realize this is anime and reality can be amended in order to tell a good story, but that’s a bit far fetched. I get that Kingdom needed to tell some kind of story to explain Lan Kai’s abnormal size and strength, but sometimes less is more. It’s a minor complaint, though, in the overall scheme of things.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 14 worth watching?

I think so. Kingdom season 1 episode 14 is worth watching. I actually forgot that this anime was made in CGI this episode, if that means anything to you. There was just too much going on that caught my attention. I really enjoyed watching episode 14 and I think you will too!

Now go watch some anime!

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