Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2 Review

I’m only two episodes in, but I’m starting to get hooked on what’s going on after watching Kingdom season 1 episode 2. Xin is trying to decide what to do. Should he kill the runaway king who had Piao as a body double or should he focus only on the assassin that was directly responsible for his friend’s death? By the end of episode 2 Xin is still uncertain what to do with the king but the assassin won’t bother anyone again.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 1 Review

How is the story in Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2?

The best way to describe the story in episode 2 is simple but effective. Xin is conflicted over what to do next. He’s also starting to piece together what’s happening. Xin wants to get revenge on those responsible for Piao’s death but also doesn’t want to trample on his friend’s legacy. This just means that we get to watch an interesting interaction with the three main characters.

The assassin shows up at the hut where the king is not that long after Xin. He’s content to allow Xin to try and kill the king. Xin’s rage is then redirected at the assassin who’s directly responsible for killing Piao. As you’d expect, Xin is outmatched at first by the assassin when their fight begins.

Xin is able to improve on his first attempt to kill the assassin. This gives Kingdom season 1 episode 2 the chance to show a flashback of Piao and the king. Piao explains that Xin has a tenacity in him that can make him grow stronger. We get to witness that in this fight and things go in Xin’s favor.

As I said, it’s not the most complex story, but it gets the job done. You can feel the real emotions from Xin through the screen, which is a plus. One line of his that really stood out was when he was talking to the king. It was in the middle of the debate over who Xin would fight. Xin told the king that for those on the bottom it doesn’t matter who’s king. He resents the king because of his “trivial” rivalry with his brother.

What did the episode do right?

The highlight of Kingdom season 1 episode 1 was the conflict going on inside Xin. You can tell that he hates both the assassin and the king. By the end of the fighting, you can tell that Xin is wrestling with his thoughts on what to do with the king. There’s a sense that he’s going to end up supporting the king like Piao did.

The other part of the episode that I think really shines is the evil nature of the king’s half-brother. Both boys come across as mature beyond their years but the younger brother has a sadistic streak a mile wide. He has no problem crushing people who displease him. The king’s brother is a little tyrant who fits the bill as the ultimate bad guy.

What did Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2 get wrong?

I’m still not a fan of the CGI. I think it’s inferiority came through in the fight between Xin and the assassin. I was left with a feeling that the moment was less epic than it could have been. That’s a shame too because I was really into what was going on. Besides that, though, I don’t really have any complaints.

Is Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2 Worth Watching?

I really liked watching Kingdom season 1 episode 2. It won’t be for everyone. This entire anime is not going to be for everyone. There’s no shortage of violence and deceit. This anime is definitely for more mature audiences and I’d guess that the target is the 18+ male demographic. I’ve been happy with what’s been shown so far so I look forward to seeing more!

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