Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Kingdom season 1 episode 3 gives us the pivotal moment that’s going to guide us through the rest of the anime. At least that’s what it looks like to me. Xin is forced to come to terms with the decisions that the king, Zheng, and his friend Piao made. Xin may not like Zheng, but he has to respect that the king didn’t force Piao into a position he didn’t want.

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All this debating goes on while Xin and Zheng are being led to safety by Diao. Diao is a resident of the village that Zheng was hiding in and she dresses mainly as an owl. She helps only because Zheng offered to pay Diao for her services.

How was the story in this episode?

I really enjoyed all of the behind the scenes action going on. After watching Kingdom season 1 episode 3 you’re left with a feeling that at any point in time someone could lose their head. Everyone is playing a dangerous game of chess, from the king on down. If anyone on the insurrectionists side doesn’t pull their weight, they could end up as dead as the soldier at the very end of the episode.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 - Zheng explaining to Xin that Piao accepted the position of his own free will.

I also feel that episode 3 did a good job of reconciling Xin and Zheng to the point where they can work together. Xin has gone from blaming Zheng for Piao’s death to realizing that Zheng is his best path to reaching his goal. It also now helps to hear that Piao accepted the job of body double of his own free will.

What were the good parts of Kingdom season 1 episode 3?

Besides what was mentioned above, I like all of the unique characters we’ve been introduced to. Mu Ta looks like he just came out of some hidden village deep in the woods. He could possibly have been living in a cave by himself. His presence may be odd but it gives the anime some character.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 - Mu Ta

The same could be said for General Wang Yi, minister Jie Shi and a couple of other characters. The general is still a little bit of an unknown, but he gives off the vibe that he’s an eccentric monster. Jie Shi is the minister that kicked off this whole uprising. With characters like them, it feels like there won’t be a boring moment.

What about Kingdom season 1 episode 3 bothered you?

I’m not going to sit here every episode of Kingdom and say that the CGI annoys me. That should go without saying at this point. I wish this anime was done in the normal style. I like it a lot better than what we’ve been shown.

Besides that, I don’t have too many complains with Kingdom season 1 episode 3. The story is making me forget my apprehension about the animation. I also can’t think of too many other things that are obviously wrong.

Is Kingdom Season 1 Episode 2 Worth Watching?

I believe it is. I want to know what happens to Zheng and Xin now. They’ve formed a mutually beneficial relationship for the time being but they’re still up against the odds. Right now the goal is to survive. All I know at this point is that it’s going to be fun to watch!

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