Kingdom Season 1 Episode 30 Review

You know what they say, if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Kingdom season 1 episode 30 shows us this applies in anime as well. Qin’s forces are lured into the woods only to have Pang Nuan show up and start taking down the Fei Xin Force. I’m not sure how Xin will survive this one.

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Where can I watch Kingdom season 1 episode 30?

You can catch this anime episode over at Hulu and Funimation. We’re quickly coming to the end of the episodes that Hulu has to offer, as they’ve only got the subbed version of season 1 available. Funimation has seasons 1 through 3 at their site. Seasons 1 and 2 have the English dub. I have run into a situation where Funimation says you can’t watch unless you have a subscription, so be aware that that could happen.

You can watch episodes free-of-charge at Funimation, but you have to sit through commercials. At Hulu, you can choose to watch this episode add free if you’re willing to pay a little extra. They have a cheaper plan that still contains commercials if you don’t mind being interrupted every so often. Personally, I don’t mind sitting through a minute and a half of commercials two to three times and episode.

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 30 at Hulu

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 30 at Funimation

What did you think of the story in episode 30?

When you take a step back and look at the larger narrative, episode 30 is really very simple. Zhao retreats to the mountains in order to lure Qin’s army to more advantageous fighting positions. While it looks to Qin that they’re pushing Zhao back, what’s really happening is they’re falling into Zhao’s trap. General Wang Yi can sense something like this is happening, but he knows it has to happen in order to locate Pang Nuan.

Kingdom season 1 episode 30’s attention to detail helps make this simple story interesting to watch. It’s blatantly obvious from the get go that Zhao has some sort of strategy in the works. I mean, an army of over 100,000 men just disappeared into the mountains. There’s no way you could watch this episode and miss that something is up.

Unfortunately for the regular Qin soldiers, and the Fei Xin Force specifically, they take the bait. Their overconfidence allows them to become a little complacent just in time to get run over by Pang Nuan. The whole time you’re watching this you want to yell through the screen “You’re about to be attacked you &$#*%&#*!”

Of course, like any good T.V. episode, anime or not, everything closes with our heroes Xin and Qiang Lei facing off with the big, bad monster that attacked from the woods. We’re left to wonder if they’ll survive. I’m also wondering when Wang Yi will show up. You know he’s looking forward to round two of his fight with Pang Nuan.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 30 get right?

I really enjoyed watching Xin and Qiang Lei before Pang Nuan attacked. Xin really got to show off his leadership qualities during the talk the two of them had. Drawing from his own experience with revenge, Xin was able to communicate to Qiang Lei that there’s more to life than just revenge. There’s a whole other chapter to come after.

What makes this moment so good is that we know that Xin had to travel the same path. It’s what kicked this whole anime off after all. It’s nice to see that Xin can grow and use his experience to help others. He may still be a little rough around the edges, but Xin is starting to become an insightful leader.

The other part of Kingdom season 1 episode 30 that I think was done very well was Pang Nuan’s intro. If you wanted to make an overwhelming monster, then look no further than how the Zhao general was introduced here. We knew he was strong from the stories we heard earlier, but to see it firsthand is something else.

With every swing of his glaive he takes out a handful of regular soldiers. It almost appears that Pang Nuan doesn’t even have to hit them, the wind pressure alone causes death. His presence quickly turns the talk in the Qin camp from warm thoughts of home to a frantic plea for help. I really thought that we were going to see someone piss themselves. That’s how bad things were going.

What did episode 30 get wrong?

As good as Pang Nuan’s introduction was, there was one element that let the air out of the sails for me. The CGI at this moment became really noticeable and interfered with what was going on. There were several shots of the Qin soldiers either speaking or standing with mouths wide open that just made me groan in disappointment.

It’s a shame too, because Kingdom season 1 episode 30 was doing such a good job of introducing its big bad guy. If you want to know why I’m opposed to CGI as a animation technique, just take a look here.

Besides this glaringly obvious problem, the rest of the anime episode is just fine. I wouldn’t even consider the CGI work as an episode breaker. It just mutes the impact of Pang Nuan by taking the viewer out of the story and reminding them that they’re watching something for entertainment. At least that’s what happened to me.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 30 worth watching?

Yes, this episode of Kingdom is worth watching. Despite the CGI work in the middle to end of the episode, you won’t be disappointed. Episode 30 did a good job of building up Xin as a commander, Qiang Lei as his comrade and Pang Nuan as a monster. With the three clashing as the credits begin to roll you’ll be left wanting to see more.

Now go watch some anime!


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