Kingdom Season 1 Episode 31 Review

What a mess! Kingdom season 1 episode 31 gives us a chaotic battlefield where everyone’s after Pang Nuan’s head. It all wraps up with Xin getting one last good shot at the enemy commanding general. I didn’t want this anime episode to end!

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Where can I watch Kingdom season 1 episode 31?

Just like all of the other episodes, you can catch this one over at Hulu and Funimation. We’re quickly coming to the end of the available episodes at Hulu. It only has the first season available and it’s only got English subtitles as well.

Funimation has seasons 1-3 with the first two season dubbed in English to go along with the original subbed episodes. If you’re too impatient for commercials, you can subscribe to either service and get rid of them. If you have to choose between one or the other, you should obviously pick Funimation. They’ve got all three seasons of Kingdom after all.

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 31 at Hulu

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 31 at Funimation

What did you think of the story in episode 31?

I assume that the goal of the anime was to make us feel like things were out of control. If that assumption is correct, then I’d say Pierrot did a pretty good job. Once Pang Nuan was identified by General Gan Yang, as well as how big the reward will be to any soldier who takes down the Zhao commander, it’s a madhouse.

I think it was a nice touch to show that in all of this madness, the Fei Xin Force kept its cool and came up with a strategy to take down Pang Nuan. Xin and Qiang Lei had already lost in a 2 vs. 1 fight so that was off the table. This time, Xin and his men would try to take down their target by being sneaky.

Had their target been anyone other than a self-proclaimed “god of war” then I think the Fei Xin force would’ve been successful. Kingdom season 1 episode 31 showed us that the Zhao general’s abilities might actually surpass General Wang Yi’s. Who else could avoid the constant bombardment of spears from three sides while also trying to fend off an attack by an elite fighter?

Well, I guess we don’t actually know at this point if Pang Nuan actually does fend it off. Like any good anime episode, we’re left with a cliffhanger as Xin lands a successful strike. The only question is whether or not it’s a killing blow. Episode 31 forces us to move on to episode 32 in order to find out.

What did you like about Kingdom season 1 episode 31?

If you couldn’t tell already, I loved the action that we got to see. Sometimes war is chaos and that’s perfectly encapsulated here. There’s no strategy, there’s no plan, it’s just an all-out brawl where the ultimate goal is to get the enemy commander’s head. On the Zhao side, they win if they can get their commander successfully off of the field.

You don’t know what could happen. Every moment that Pang Nuan is on the battlefield he’s at risk of being hit by a stray arrow, spear or subject to a sneak attack. If he weren’t so incredibly powerful he’d have been dead multiple times over. The suspension that he could be killed here in Kingdom season 1 episode 31 keeps you from wanting to look away.

Who really stood out in this episode?

Xin and the Fei Xin Force is really making a name for themselves. In all of the craziness, they come up with probably the best strategy possible to try and take down Pang Nuan. If they can survive all of this, Xin and his men are well on their way to becoming known far and wide. That is, if they can survive.

I know we ended Kingdom season 1 episode 31 with Xin successfully landing a strike on his target, but I’d bet that’s not the end. If there’s one thing that I know about anime after almost 20 years of watching it, it’s that you can never trust that someone is down and out. You can especially bet on that when they’re the main antagonist.

However this ends up, I just know that I want to see more of Xin and his squad.

What did episode 31 get wrong?

Is it just me, or is Xin always getting knocked out in a big fight? He’s unconscious while his friends try to hold off the big bad guy long enough for their leader to revive. This happened in the fight with Zuo Ci, Lan Kai and now Pang Nuan. If I remember correctly I think he was even counted out during his fight with the Vermilion Assassin.

You’d think at some point that one of Xin’s opponents would double-tap and end the boy’s life. I guess he’s been saved by his comrades on several occasions but still, Xin has cheated death more times than a cat. At some point it’s going to get too noticeable. If I can pick it out here, then it probably already has.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 31 worth watching?

Yes, Kingdom season 1 episode 31 is worth watching. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time, waiting to see if anyone on the Qin side can pull off the impossible. By the end of the episode, it looks like Xin could’ve potentially pulled it off. Hopefully this excitement continues over into episode 32.

Now go watch some anime!

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