Kingdom Season 1 Episode 32 Review

You never expect main anime characters to die. No matter what happens, certain characters always seem to make it to the end. That’s why when an important death does happen it makes such a big impact. In Kingdom season 1 episode 32, we get to say goodbye to Wei Dao, one of the brothers from the same village as Xin.

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Where can I watch Kingdom season 1 episode 32?

By this point I’m repeating myself but it can’t be helped. I don’t know if you’re a regular reader or not so I have to include this information every time I write a review. You can find this anime episode over at Hulu or Funimation. Funimation has more of the series than Hulu does and it even has the English dub of the first two seasons.

Over at Hulu, you can watch season one with English subtitles but that’s it. I know it doesn’t sound as appealing but for someone like me who already has a Hulu subscription it works. Funimation’s episodes don’t appear to be behind a required subscription but you will have to sit through commercials if you go that route.

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 32 at Hulu or Funimation

How was the story in episode 32?

The first note that I took on Kingdom season 1 episode 32 was “Suspenseful.” The Fei Xin Force is being hunted down by their Zhao enemies. By this point, Xin’s reputation is working against him. He’s now a prime target. Kingdom does a good job in this episode of making you feel like Xin and his men are in an impossible situation and won’t make it out alive.

I’d say that the situation is even worse than what it was during the war with Wei. Back then, it felt like the drafted infantry from the 4th Army could survive the battle by being anonymous. That advantage is gone here. At any moment the Zhao pursuers could ride up behind any member of the Fei Xin Force and take them down.

Unfortunately, that means that several members of the Fei Xin Force don’t make it. Most notably of all is Wei Dao. After carrying Xin to safety, Wei Dao gives us a pretty standard speech where he reminisces about his past with Xin. By the time he’s done you know where Kingdom season 1 episode 32 is going. After a brief fake out, Wei Dao finally dies from his wounds.

While I did say that it was a pretty standard final speech by Wei Dao, it was still pretty emotional. You could actually say the same about most of the episode. I don’t think that Kingdom season 1 episode 32 did anything that hasn’t been done already. I just think that this anime did a good job of telling it’s story in a way that makes you care.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 32 get right?

The camaraderie among the Fei Xin Force was enjoyable to watch. When you really think about it, this is a group of men that was just thrown together a couple of months ago. They didn’t even stay together as one cohesive unit during that time. For such a short time together, they sure do care a lot about each other.

Xin has easily taken control of the group as its leader. It takes a special type of person to inspire others to do what the Fei Xin Force has done. Xin’s men are even willing to sacrifice their own lives so that their commander can live to fight another day. They recognize his importance and don’t want to see his time cut short.

All this does is make me want to see more. I want to see an intact Fei Xin Force head on to the next battle. It hurts to see any one of them cut down. Their loss becomes my loss. I guess you can say that I’ve become fully invested in what this little group goes through.

What did episode 32 get wrong?

It’s the arrows once again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can go back and read one of my old reviews. On more than one occasion, Kingdom has shown itself to cut out a few details and it did so again in episode 32.

There is another instance of arrows hitting their mark but not drawing out a single drop of blood. This anime actually has a weird relationship with blood. Sometimes it’s shown while other times it’s not. I’m come to accept it as something that’s going to happen but I think it takes away from the overall presentation. Do you want to use blood or not? Just pick one!

If Kingdom decides to not use blood, then I would suggest to not show soldiers getting shot with arrows in such detail. I would think that the act of getting shot by an arrow is more disturbing than having a little blood come out of the wound. I’m not a studio executive or someone that has to provide a rating for a T.V. show though. I might be wrong on that.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 32 worth watching?

If you’ve made it this far in the anime then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t watch this one as well. By this point, if you’ve committed yourself to watching the first 31 episodes you might as well make it to the end of the season. That might not be the most powerful endorsement, but it’s true.

In all reality Kingdom season 1 episode 32 is a good anime episode. I really did feel the pain of the Fei Xin Force in this one. It was a tough episode to watch but I’m glad I did. Hopefully they can settle the score in the near future.

Now go watch some anime!


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