Kingdom Season 1 Episode 34 Review

It’s been hinted at several times. General Wang Yi knew that something felt off with the Zhao strategy. Now, because of Kingdom season 1 episode 34, we know that there’s an even greater plan in place then what we’ve seen. The danger couldn’t be any higher!

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Where can I watch Kingdom season 1 episode 34?

You can watch this episode over at Hulu and Funimation. That’s where I’d recommend going to watch it. Don’t do the irresponsible thing and go to a site that offers the show for free but pops up a ton of windows when you click “Play.” There are loads of reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Personally, I watch over at Hulu. It’s where I found Kingdom so it’s what I stuck with. I don’t have a subscription to Funimation yet and I’m trying to hold off for now. There’s only so many streaming services that one person can subscribe to before it gets ridiculous. Funimation is the way to go, though, if you’ve already got a subscription. You can watch all of the seasons commercial free.

Watch Kingdom Season 1 Episode 34 at Hulu or Funimation

What did you think of the story in Kingdom season 1 episode 34?

If you remember, the hook from episode 33 was that Yuang Dunhe had some important news to convey to Zheng. As it turns out, that news is that there is more to Zhao’s invasion than just the current attack. Zhao’s new tactician, Li Mu, is responsible for an overwhelming victory over the Xiongnu people of the north and he’s the mastermind behind this invasion.

That’s right, the Li Mu that showed up a few episodes ago is the man who’s the most dangerous person on the battlefield. If only Diao and Meng Yi knew that from the beginning. Not that they could’ve done anything, but who knows what could’ve happened.

Li Mu’s reveal is a pretty standard plot twist that I think most viewers could see coming. There’s no way that an anime character could get so much airtime otherwise. Can you imagine the complaints if Li Mu turned out to be a nobody who disappeared after the battle with Zhao? He would’ve served no purpose at all.

For that reason, I think the story benefits from the turn of events in Kingdom season 1 episode 34. I mean, what’s an anime fight if the good guys don’t have overwhelming odds to overcome? General Wang Yi, Meng Wu, Xin and the rest of the Qin army are about to be in a real desperate situation.

Was there anything else about the story that was worth noting?

Kingdom finally brought Wang Yi and Pang Nuan face to face. We’ll have to wait until episode 35 before anything happens between them. That’s to be expected. There has to be a hook to get you to come back and watch the next episode.

Besides that, there’s not much more to say about what when on here. It felt like most of Kingdom season 1 episode 34 was spent trying to build up just how much of a threat Li Mu poses to Qin. It did a decent job of that despite not being very innovative in its methods.

What did episode 34 get right?

I’m happy to see the final battle get started. It just means that we get one step closer to Wang Yi and Pang Nuan’s rematch. Let’s be honest here, that’s all we really want to see. Yes, it’s great to see the armies battle, but we want the main event!

The only question I have is “What role will Xin play in all of this?” We see that Wang Yi gives his apprentice another important assignment. What will the severely depleted Fei Xin Force be tasked with this time? Will they have the manpower to accomplish the mission? Will Xin walk out of this battle with even more glory? There are only a few more episodes to find out!

Anything else?

I mentioned it a few paragraphs ago, but Li Mu’s buildup was pretty good. Yang Dunhe’s explanation of what the Mountain Folk found when they went to subdue their northern neighbors does nothing but leave a chilling impression. I couldn’t help but think, “Oh, she’s talking about the Mongols. At least it’s a people that resemble the Mongols.” To have a group like that wiped out so easily by a Zhao general is alarming.

I get that I’m probably off on my comparison between the Xiongnu and the Mongols, but still, it’s where my mind went to. I think any Western viewer will immediately do what I just did because we don’t know the detailed history of China. All we know is that the Mongols lived to the north and they liked to fight on horseback. They were also the scourge of the Chinese people back in the day.

From my little excursions into researching the topic, which involved me going to the well-known source of inaccurate information, Wikipedia, led me to believe that the Xiongnu are actually related to the future Mongols. One recent study that was mentioned said that the evidence it gathered supported the idea that the Huns were the Xiongnu’s descendants. Not too bad.

I say all of this because that means that Li Mu was intelligent enough to defeat Atilla the Hun’s ancestors. That’s quite an achievement! That’s the guy that’s now waging war against Qin. I’d say he’s a pretty formidable opponent.

What did episode 34 get wrong?

Once again the CGI was pretty hard to overlook. Normally it blends in to the background with what’s going on, but when we’re shown images of soldiers cheering on their commanders it comes front and center. Scenes like the one where Wang Yi is riding in front of his army, raising their spirits is a perfect encapsulation of why I despise CGI.

When you look at the soldiers who are cheering, it feels like you’re watching a stiff, artificial picture crudely brought to life. I don’t get the emotion that comes from a more traditional animation style. I’m left with a feeling of disappointment as I know what the animation studio is going for, but it just doesn’t work.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 34 worth watching?

I wouldn’t say that this is the best episode of the anime so far, but it’s essential in getting us to the fight between Wang Yi and Pang Nuan. We also learn who the main commanding general of Zhao is. That’s important in its own right.

I would recommend watching Kingdom season 1 episode 34. If you’re wanting to try out this anime to see if it’s for you, start somewhere else. There are some better episodes before this.

Now go watch some anime!


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