Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Anime episodes like Kingdom season 1 episode 8 are the reason that I love watching anime. There’s no over the top action, there’s no unlocking of some hidden power, we just get a story that at the end of the day is compelling to watch. I found myself inspired by Xin’s speech just like everyone else.

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How did you like what went on in episode 8?

If you couldn’t tell from that introduction, I really enjoyed the story of Kingdom season 1 episode 8. I think the pacing of the episode did a good job at building up to the impactful final events. The looming danger posed by the mountain people and their king was so strong you could taste it. As the conversation progressed, I couldn’t help but wonder what the final outcome was going to be.

Deep-seated resentment between people groups is not a new thing. It may be front and center in our culture today but it’s as old as human history. People groups have a long history of conflict and oppression between each other. Grudges are held and they become justification for doing the same to their oppressors.

Kingdom Season 1 episode 8 - the mountain king's intentions

It’s inspiring to watch someone like Zheng who has the ambition to try and unite a bunch of different groups under one border. It may not be Martin Luther King Jr.’s peaceful civil disobedience approach, but if successful Zheng will accomplish just as much if not more. Now that we know what Zheng’s ultimate goal is, it’ll be interesting to watch as things unfold from here.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 8 get right?

I think the events surrounding Xin at the end of the episode were perfect. I get that his escape it a little convenient, but it provided him the opportunity to use his simple minded approach to convince the mountain king. Xin has a way of speaking that’s so straightforward and unassuming that you can’t help but be swayed by his words. This is true even if Xin doesn’t fully understand what he’s saying.

Kingdom season 1 episode 8 also did a good job at giving us subtle hints that things would turn out fine for Zheng, Xin, Diao and Bi. When you get the first glimpse at the mountain king’s city, you see nothing but paths outlined by human skulls. You can taste the animosity that the mountain people have for the people of Qin.

That starts to fade once we see Tajifu protect Xin, Diao and Bi from his fellow mountain folk. Tajifu is the warrior that Xin punched at their first meeting. Xin broke off a couple of the horns on Tajifu’s mask. Apparently during this scene, Tajifu came to respect Xin and the others and wishes that they wouldn’t be put to death.

Kingdom Season 1 episode 8 - Yang Duanhe

Later, when we’re shown flashbacks of the mountain king, we see that she wishes to expand her borders by any means necessary. That includes peaceful methods. The overwhelming feeling that I got from watching this was that Yang Duanhe, the mountain king, doesn’t want to get wrapped up in a quest for revenge.

What did Kingdom season 1 episode 8 get wrong?

Xin’s escape at just the right time to save Diao was a little bit far fetched. It’s one of those anime moments that’s just a little too perfect. I am a little surprised that he wasn’t just killed on the spot after his escape. It was also surprising that he didn’t use the arrow to set himself free.

Kingdom Season 1 episode 8 - Xin's escape

I don’t really have anything else to say bad about Kingdom season 1 episode 8. The story did such a good job of sucking me in that if there was something off I must’ve missed it. That’s perfectly fine with me. I’m not out to pick apart every moment.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 8 worth watching?

Kingdom season 1 episode 8 is worth watching. At least that’s the feeling I got. The episode builds up the suspense and blows everything off with an optimistic view of the future. It’s going to be a touch task to accomplish Zheng’s goal but at least now he’s got an army’s support. I’m sure there will be lots of blood and guts going forward. I’m looking forward to it!

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