Kingdom Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Kingdom season 1 episode 9 sure didn’t give us much time between the formation of the alliance between Zheng and the mountain folk before we get to an invasion. It feels like just a day has passed in the story line. Zheng is already knocking on the doors to the capital.

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How did episode 9 do in telling its story?

I think episode 9 did a pretty good job of getting us to the next stage of the anime. We’re a far cry from an anime like Dragon Ball Z that seems to take forever to get to the point. Kingdom season 1 episode 9 is the polar opposite of that. You know what, I’ll take it too! It doesn’t feel like there’s any wasted time or conversations because there wasn’t any time for it.

Don’t misunderstand me here and think that the story went so fast that some interesting things didn’t happen. Sure, Zheng, Xin, Diao, Lord Changwen and Duanhe seem to be moving at a lightning fast pace, but there are other parts to the episode that help fill in some gaps. Most notably, we get to see why Zheng’s half-brother despises him so much.

Zheng’s brother, Cheng Jiao, is shown to be the type of person that should not have access to power. He believes in his sovereignty. Jiao forces members of the court to become a human bridge across a pond. Jiao is also shown to be amused by watching those loyal to Lord Changwen be executed in a brutal manner. He’s just an evil person and a good bad guy for the anime.

What did Kingdom episode 9 get right?

I’m actually really intrigued by General Wang Yi right now. It looks like his move to gain Lord Changwen’s land was all done in order to save the lives of those who lived under the minister who was loyal to the king. General Wang Yi is feared too much in order for even Jiao to go against. I just want to know what’s driving the general’s actions. He’s quite the enigma.

Another thing that Kingdom season 1 episode 9 gets right is how it continues to build up Xin’s character. He’s one of those anime characters that’s brash, simple, but well meaning. Xin works to make the best of his situation and inadvertently inspires others. You can’t help but be drawn to his personality.

What did episode 9 get wrong?

For the last few episodes I’ve forgotten that Kingdom‘s animation was done through CGI. Kingdom season 1 episode 9 reminded me that the anime uses my least favorite form of animation. I just wanted to shake my head while watching Zheng and the others ride horses down the mountain. To me it’s just subpar.

Despite the kind words I said at the beginning of the review, I do think that Kingdom could’ve done itself a favor and spent a little more time on getting Zheng back to the capital. Maybe we could’ve heard a little bit more about his plan to defeat an army of 80,000 with just 3,000 soldiers. It’s not the end of the world though. I’d rather have this than a prolonged journey that never seems to get to the end.

Is Kingdom season 1 episode 9 worth watching?

Yes. Kingdom season 1 episode 9 is worth watching. It’s not perfect, but I’m completely engrossed in what’s going on. I want to see where the anime turns to next. Right now I’m really happy that I decided to give this one a try.

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