My Hero Academia Episode 104 Review – Episode 105 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 104 Review – Episode 105 Preview

I’m going to try to be nice. I want to describe My Hero Academia episode 104 as a filler episode, but that would be a little too mean. Filler episodes are a waste of time that are only used to prolong an anime’s run. They have no bearing on the overall story and I despise them. Episode 104 tried to go into that territory but there were a few things that saved it.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia episode 104?

I’ve been watching the most recent releases of MHA over at Crunchyroll. I’ve got a subscription there and if you do as well you can watch the most recent episodes without commercials. It’s my preference because If I go over to Hulu I’ll have to sit through a couple of commercial breaks since I don’t have the upgraded membership.

That’s right! Over at Hulu the basic subscription package still means that you have to sit through a few commercials. It’s not ideal, but it’s still better than having to go through all of the commercial breaks that are on cable T.V.

Funimation also has the latest My Hero Academia episodes. You’ll have to get a subscription in order to watch them though. I just took a look at what they have available from season 5 and it looks like there are a couple of episodes you can watch for free but that’s it. It’s like Funimation wants to set out a little bait to reel you in to a premium subscription. Not a bad idea…

I’ve also been able to find My Hero Academia episode 104 over at VRV. It’s a streaming service that gets its streaming rights from other sites. My guess is that part of VRV’s premium membership fees go back to the service that provides them the content. There’s more than anime on the site, so it’s up to you if you want to subscribe there.

What did you think about the story in episode 104?

My Hero Academia Episode 104 - Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu

I wouldn’t go out there and say that MHA episode 104 had the most compelling story in anime. Frankly, I was a little bit bored with what was going on. I understand that the situation was supposed to be dangerous, with drug smugglers and all, but I was never convinced that everything wouldn’t turn out alright.

My Hero Academia episode 104 was mainly just an opportunity to bring in some old faces, give us a little bit of fanservice and have both Froppy and Uravity show us their abilities. The only part that tickled my imagination was the reveal of some type of evil organization running drugs. It’s not the League of Villains or the Liberation Army, at least not what we’ve seen so far. You have to wait until after the credits to see this reveal though.

The majority of the episode is an out-of-the-box story of heroes tracking down drug smugglers. At first the smugglers have the upper hand because of their use of quirk enhancing drugs, but the heroes are soon in hot pursuit. After a brief moment of suspense, everything turns out OK. Stop me if you’ve seen stories like this in anime before.

What did My Hero Academia episode 104 get right?

It may seem like I don’t have any words of praise for MHA episode 104 considering the tone of this review so far, but there are some things that I did like. For starters, I think Selkie’s strategy to catch the smugglers was a high point. After his first failed attempt, Selkie proved that he was a self-aware and competent leader.

My Hero Academia Episode 104 - Ryukyu supporting Selkie from the air

Selkie figured out that in order to give them the best chance of capturing the smugglers that they needed multiple vantage points. His team could cover both under the sea as well as the surface. They just needed someone to help with an overhead view. This brings in Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu and with her, Froppy and Uravity.

After I watched the two agencies work together to bring down the smugglers, I was left with an impression that the heroes are competent and capable. That’s good, because adult figures in anime aren’t always shown as being competent. This is especially true in Shonen anime.

Was there anything else that you liked?

While I’m not too sure about the usage of fanservice in My Hero Academia episode 104, I’m glad that it didn’t go too far. My first thought when I saw the beach scene pop up was “Is this really necessary?” I guess I’ve become hyper sensitive after watching and reviewing How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω.

While I would’ve preferred it to not be a part of My Hero Academia episode 104 at all, I understand why it was put here and who it’s for. The main target audience, like all Shonen anime, is young males. This is something that the young male demographic is all about. I’m just glad it didn’t go too far.

What did MHA episode 104 get wrong?

My Hero Academia Episode 104 - Uravity flying a plane

The first big criticism I have is that the episode is overall a little boring. If you’ve been watching anime for any period of time you’ll quickly catch on to what’s happening here. It’s easy to predict exactly what’s going to happen and that’s not a good thing. I like for there to be a little suspense when good guys are chasing down bad guys. Predictability kills any sense of that and reduces my motivation to continue watching.

Beside the overall narrative being a problem, I wasn’t too much of a fan of the whole airplane scene with Uravity. I’m no expert in physics, but it felt like her mistaken maneuvers after gaining control of the plane should’ve led to more dire circumstances. That plane was suspiciously under control while Uravity tried to level things out.

Don’t come at me saying that Nejire Chan leveled off the plane with her quirk. Uravity’s adjustments happened before her fellow U.A. High School student could come into the picture. I’m just not buying it.

There may be other things out there that I didn’t particularly enjoy about My Hero Academia episode 104, but I don’t really want to go in too deep to the rest of the episode. I like this anime and I don’t want this review to turn into a complaint fest.

Is My Hero Academia episode 104 worth watching?

You could honestly probably skip MHA episode 104 and just read up on what happened and you’d be fine. If you’re a completest and you’ve been following this anime from the start, go ahead and watch it. If you’re discovering My Hero Academia for the first time then I’d suggest starting somewhere else. This isn’t the best MHA has to offer and it shows.

My Hero Academia episode 105 preview

My Hero Academia Episode 105 Preview

Back to the main story. Bakugo and Midoriya get to go visit Todoroki’s family. I’m not sure that this is such a great idea considering all of the baggage that Todoroki and his siblings have, but it’s going to happen. The title of MHA episode 105 is “The Hellish Todoroki Family” so I’m guessing that a lot of animosity and resentment is going to make it’s way onto the screen. There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned family get together!

Now go watch some anime!

My Hero Academia Episode 105 Review

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