My Hero Academia Episode 107 Review – Episode 108 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 107 Review – Episode 108 Preview

As emotional as the events with Todoroki’s family was, My Hero Academia episode 107 just turned the dial up to 11. The conversation the two U.A. High School teachers had with Kurogiri drove home the difference between the two sides in this anime. I came away from watching this episode with an overwhelming desire to see All For One and his loyal followers get their teeth kicked in.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia episode 107?

I normally like to watch MHA over at Crunchyroll. I got lucky this time, I was able to watch the entire episode before I got logged out of my account. Crunchyroll allows users to watch anime for free with commercial breaks, but that does not include the most recently aired episodes. Those are only for premium members.

Crunchyroll has had some technical issues recently that have caused a few issues with logging in. I believe the last time I went to watch a MHA episode I had to go to Hulu. Hulu has the new episodes as well and you have to have a membership to watch it. The downside is that for the base subscription service you still have to watch commercials.

My Hero Academia Episode 107 - Present Mic and Aizawa on their way to interrogate Kurogiri

If you don’t like those two options there’s always Funimation. As of the time of this writing it’s yet to be seen what’s going to happen with the Funimation acquisition of Crunchyroll. It’s possible that by the time you see this the two services have been merged into one. For now they’re separate and they both carry My Hero Academia.

Finally, you can go over to VRV to watch. They get their content from Crunchyroll and it looks like you’d need to be subscribed there to get to watch My Hero Academia episode 107. It’s worth considering. You might like what VRV has to offer. I’ll probably go with one of the other options though. There’s no point in having 4 different subscriptions to watch the same anime.

Watch My Hero Academia episode 107 at Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu or VRV

How was the story in My Hero Academia episode 107?

You’ll come away from MHA episode 107 with a firm belief that All For One and his little egg-looking doctor friend are as evil a villain pair as possible. It’s firmly established here that the two of them see people as objects to be experimented on. Quirks are to be taken, no matter the resulting pain. Nomu’s are created using the remains of the deceased. Everything is for All For One’s benefit.

It’s a very cold, heartless way of looking at people that gets contrasted well with Aizawa and Present Mic. I have to admit that seeing the way the two of them were depicted at the beginning of the episode gave me chills. They’re pro heroes but the pair are clearly flustered over what they’ve been asked to do. What could be so unnerving that season pro heroes would act like this?

My Hero Academia Episode 107 - Aizawa's emotion

What did cause Aizawa and Present Mic to act this way?

The main focus of My Hero Academia episode 107 was the suspicion that Kurogiri is a Nomu. The person who provided the base material for his creation is suspected to be Oboro Shirakumo. Shirakumo was best friends with Aizawa and Present Mic at U.A. High School. During their work study, Shirakumo died when he was caught up in a building collapse.

Think of what that means for a moment. If Shirakumo is indeed the base for Kurogiri, that means there’s someone who’s grave robbing and using the human remains to make their own monsters. Basically, we’re dealing with a modern-day version of Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus. It’s been a while since I’ve read Mary Shelley’s novel, but the similarities are unavoidable. The most obvious one is the crazy doctor who’s obsessed with creating his own form of humanity.

Like the monster from Shelley’s classic, My Hero Academia episode 107 portrays Kurogiri as a somewhat sympathetic character. He’s just as much a victim as those who get caught up in All For One’s schemes. Shirakumo didn’t ask to be turned into Kurogiri. He’s been altered to serve his master unquestioningly. It’s not until the end of the episode that his personality barely manages to break through and provide one small clue on what happened to him.

My Hero Academia Episode 107 - Shirakumo's hint

What did My Hero Academia episode 107 get right?

The whole story surrounding Kurogiri, Aizawa and Present Mic was excellent. There wasn’t a moment that was a letdown. Every exchange was packed with emotion and hope that the late U.A. student would break through. My Hero Academia episode 107 built up the whole exchange perfectly from the start too. If MHA can keep this up we’ll be in for an excellent finale to Season 5.

Another part of episode 107 that was done well was how it made One For All and Dr. Kyudai Garaki appear as villains. There are some people who fall into a life of crime due to circumstances. Others decide to become evil because it’s an intentional decision. One For All and Dr. Garaki are the latter. That’s perfectly clear.

Even something as small as All For One’s comments on why he keeps assaulting U.A. High School show his complete lack of any type of morality. Basically, he views U.A. High School as a repository of the best quirks out there. For someone interested in stealing the best quirks, it’s a natural place to start. The highly talented yet inexperienced students are easy pickings. It’s just despicable.

Are those two really that bad?

There’s no gray area with All For One. His manipulative words make every interaction with the main villain in this anime to be uncomfortable. My skin crawls every time he’s on screen. Even in prison it feels like All For One has something up his sleeve. It’ll be wholly satisfying when Midoriya finally takes him down, whenever that happens.

As for Dr. Garaki, he’s been more of an unknown. All For One’s evil nature is a known entity, it just gets reinforced here. My Hero Academia episode 107 presents the evil doctor as a brilliant quack who’s solely focused on his creations. How else would you explain his expression while Tomura Shigaraki was being “modified”? That was one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever seen in MHA, all five seasons of it. The good doctor is basically cheering like an ecstatic sports fan after a big moment for their team. It’s sick.

My Hero Academia Episode 107 - Dr. Garaki experimenting on Shigaraki

Dr. Garaki is just the type of person that would be attracted to All For One. He’s focused on his research, no matter the cost to others. Grave robbing? That’s not an issue. The dead aren’t going to complain about what happens to their remains. Who cares about what the friends and family of the deceased have to say. If they don’t know, what’s the problem?

In that respect, Dr. Garaki makes a perfect companion for All For One. All For One can benefit from the doctor’s research while Garaki can do whatever he wants without interruption. They’re quite the evil duo. I hope they both end up with a 100% One For All punch to the face.

Was the entire episode this gloomy?

I actually really enjoyed the one lighter moment at the start of My Hero Academia episode 107. It’s the start of the third term and Class 1-A has turned into a well oiled machine. Iida has become an excellent class rep and high school life is what you’d expect. That includes the potential for love.

While getting ready for their next training session, it’s revealed that Uraraka is holding on to a present given to her by Midoriya. Ashido finds it and promptly sets off speculation that Uraraka has feelings for Midoriya. Of course we all know that Ashido’s accusations are true, but Uraraka hasn’t accepted her feelings just yet.

Ashido's assumptions about Uraraka's gift from Midoriya

Watching this scene play out was a nice little diversion from the more serious content of MHA episode 107. This is an anime that’s about high school students after all. There has to be some sort of romantic drama. It may not be much, but it’s still fun to watch. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who are waiting to see when their relationship will become official. This scene will do nothing but encourage you.

What did My Hero Academia episode 107 get wrong?

I can’t point to anything specific that was done poorly. Episode 107 did too good of a job of creating a high level of stress and intrigue with Aizawa and Present Mic’s interview with Kurogiri. There weren’t any glaring plot holes or dull moments. Everything progressed as it should and I’m thankful for that. Not every anime knows how to keep a story coherent.

If you really looked hard, you might be able to find something to complain about. Unless an anime has a really obvious plot hole, or just doesn’t make sense, I don’t try to nitpick and find something wrong. The purpose of this blog is to see if an anime episode is enjoyable to watch, not give a detailed diagnostic review. With that in mind, MHA episode 107 does a good job of avoiding any major story issues.

Is My Hero Academia episode 107 worth watching?

Yes, My Hero Academia episode 107 is worth watching. There isn’t any action in this one, but it’s just as exciting as if there was. I wish other anime would watch this episode and take notes on how to create an interesting story without over the top action. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this one. I’ll be excited to see what next week’s episode brings us.

My Hero Academia episode 108 preview

The preview at the end of episode 107 shows us that we’re going to go back in time a little bit and learn what the League of Villains went through. Gigantomachia is going to make another appearance. Shigaraki is going to have to prove himself to All For One’s bodyguard. Gigantomachia isn’t just going to accept Shigaraki as his boss’s heir apparent. Dr. Garaki is also somehow involved in all of this.

My Hero Academia Episode 108 Preview - Gigantomachia

From the looks of it, the League of Villains is in pretty rough shape. I guess you can consider My Hero Academia episode 108 to be the story of their challenging time. I wonder if we’ll also get the story of how they got involved with the Liberation Army as well. It’d be surprising if that story could be told in just one episode. We’ll have to wait and see!

Now go watch some anime!

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