My Hero Academia Episode 108 Review – Episode 109 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 108 Review – Episode 109 Preview

As promised in the preview at the end of episode 107, My Hero Academia Episode 108 shifts the focus to the League of Villains. What have they been up to over the last several months? How did the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army get hooked up? Where did the plan to overthrow Japanese society come from? It looks like we’re about to get the answers for lots of questions like this.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia Episode 108?

My first choice for watching MHA is always going to be Crunchyroll. Despite a few technical glitches now and then, they have the most recent episodes every Saturday morning. What do I mean by technical glitches? Well, this morning it was episode 108 not appearing in the MHA episode listing right away. Thankfully you could click through to the new episode at the “Release Calendar.” In the past, I’ve had a couple issues with logging in and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Those are all minor issues that typically get resolved pretty quickly. I think the one today was just a matter of updating links on the website. If they bother you too much then you can always catch Izuku Midoriya and friends over at Funimation. Funimation, like Crunchyroll, airs the new episodes as they come out. I haven’t gone over there yet to watch, so I can’t speak to how the experience is. I suspect that it’s the same as any other streaming site.

Besides those two, you can also watch at Hulu and VRV. VRV is powered by Crunchyroll for a lot of its content, so I never saw a reason to get a subscription there. Hulu gets a good bit of its anime from Funimation. Our subscription to Hulu will soon be ending because my family doesn’t really use it at all. You can decide for yourself if Hulu or VRV is worth your hard earned money.

Watch My Hero Academia Episode 108 at Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu or VRV

How was the story in My Hero Academia episode 108?

The majority of MHA episode 108 was dedicated to Shigaraki and the League of Villains trying to win over the support of the creepy doctor and Gigantomachia. At the end, the Meta Liberation Army gets introduced as the next big opponent. The rest of the episode is just filling in all of the details, but thankfully we got the details.

My Hero Academia Episode 108 - Gigantomachia

After watching My Hero Academia Episode 108, I came away with the feeling of Tomura Shigaraki as part sympathetic bad guy and part insane psychopath. In talking with the doctor, it’s revealed that Shigaraki killed his family after his quirk fully manifested itself. Shunned and alone, All For One took the young Shigaraki in and started to train him. All For One cultivated the rage inside Shigaraki until we got what we see today, someone who wants to destroy all of society.

It’s an interesting story that is fairly common in anime. There’s always got to be one character that’s bad, but it’s only because of the circumstances of their youth. It always makes you wonder how they’d turn out if one or two different decisions had been made. Would Shigaraki have been normal if someone other than All For One got to the boy first? We’ll never know.

What about the League of Villains trying to get help from the doctor and Gigantomachia?

Changing leadership is always a tricky thing. Wars have been fought because of it. Even in the best of situations, like a successful business changing CEOs, it could get messy. In the case of All For One and his followers, it was never going to be easy. That’s especially true for a simple minded person like Gigantomachia.

The Doctor going along with Shigaraki

While the doctor, who gives a false name of Daruma Ujiko, is willing to go along with Shigaraki’s desire to see the world burn after talking with him, Gigantomachia is not. Well, Gigantomachia is really only interested in how strong Shigaraki is. In his simple mind, All For One’s successor has to be strong enough to be worthy of his allegiance and Shigaraki doesn’t measure up. The only way for Gigantomachia’s mind to be changed is through Shigaraki defeating him.

I like this type of character development from the villain side. My Hero Academia Episode 108 gives us a glimpse of what the League of Villains stands to gain and makes sure that they have to work hard to attain it. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the heroes to bring down eight high-end Nomu and Gigantomachia? That’s not even considering the current members of the League of Villains.

I got the sense that Shigaraki was slowly developing into the leader that he needed to be in order to gain this boost in power. All that’s left for him to do is figure out a way to tame his master’s former bodyguard and he’s all set. Now he’s got a plan to do that while also trying to crush the other organization that’s seeking to rule the underworld. Not too bad for a guy who’s been only focused on his childish dreams.

What did My Hero Academia Episode 108 get right?

I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way. Twice’s ringtone was hilarious. Maybe I haven’t fully matured from middle school, but having a ringtone that’s just a bunch of farts is perfect. It also fits his character. Twice is the eccentric character that brings humor to the League of Villains. What better way to do that than to have an immature ringtone?

My Hero Academia Episode 108 - Shigaraki's past

On a more serious note, My Hero Academia Episode 108 did a good job of furthering the narrative that the creepy doctor is actually, well, creepy. Now that we know that Nomu are created from the corpses of people who had quirks All For One took interest in, the revelation that there are eight more high-end Nomus is even more disturbing. Right now I’d say the good doctor is an even more twisted, evil version of Dr. Frankenstein. He’s fully lost his mind and has no sense of decency.

How else would you describe the doctor’s behavior at the scene where he’s cheering on Shigaraki while he goes through his operation? It looks like the doctor is torturing the young leader of the League of Villains. Any normal, well adjusted person would not want to witness something like that. The doctor has become so fully consumed with his work that he’s lost any sense of right and wrong.

You got anything else for this section?

I’m a fan of how the Meta Liberation Army was introduced in My Hero Academia Episode 108. They’re not just the remnants of the Yakuza like the Shie Hassakai were. This is a well-organized, well-funded group out to take control of the underworld. It’s the next step up in opponents.


Just think of how the Meta Liberation Army has been presented as opposed to Shie Hassakai. Shie Hassakai was a group barely struggling to survive. They were presented as being on par with the fledgling League of Villains. Had a couple of things turned out differently, we’d be sitting here watching Overhaul continue to go forward with his plan to distribute quirk destroying drug.

The way in which My Hero Academia episode 108 presents the Meta Liberation Army is of an organization that’s lightyears ahead of the League of Villains. They’re leaders in business, politics and who knows what else. Shigaraki and friends might as well be a local gang going up against the organized Mafia. That’s the picture that we’re presented with. There’s no way that an exhausted couple members of the League of Villains can take on a whole army. MHA episode 109 should be pretty interesting.

What did My Hero Academia episode 108 get wrong?

I don’t have anything specific to the anime episode that is all that bad. The only thing that’s off to me is My Hero Academia episode 108 leaves out some important information from the manga. MHA episode 108 completely glossed over the dire straights the League of Villains found itself in. They were practically desperate and frayed at the seams before the doctor came in.

This makes the doctor’s arrival in the manga to be a huge relief for the League of Villains. Without that background, you don’t get that same impression here in the anime. I think it’s a big loss because it’s an added layer of complexity that would’ve helped the story. Don’t get me wrong, My Hero Academia episode 108 is just fine as it is. I just know that the story is missing something.

Is My Hero Academia episode 108 worth watching?

Yes, My Hero Academia episode 108 is worth watching. This is the start of the story about the League of Villains reaching a new level. We get to learn how Shigaraki started his development as the new leader of the League of Villains. If you miss this episode then there’s going to be a lot of stuff that comes later that you won’t get. Either that or it will take you longer to piece everything together. It’s also just an interesting episode to watch. I’ll be excited to see what we get next week.

My Hero Academia episode 109 preview

My Hero Academia Episode 109 preview

Re-Destro has invited the League of Villains to a fight. Shigaraki plans on accepting the fight and is banking on his trump card, Gigantomachia, making an appearance at just the right time. Can the League of Villains hold out long enough for that to happen? That’s what I’m assuming My Hero Academia episode 109 will be about. We were provided several scenes of the League going up against the hordes of soldiers that are at the beck and call of the Meta Liberation Army. I wouldn’t exactly call it a fair fight. This should be an episode full of action with the potential to say goodbye to some of the bad guys. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Now go watch some anime!

My Hero Academia Episode 109 Review

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