My Hero Academia Episode 112 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 112 Review

We now have our main bad guy for the rest of the anime. Tomura Shigaraki has been reborn and is surely going to be the one that Izuku Midoriya faces in the end. My Hero Academia episode 112 has firmly planted the grandson of the former wielder of One For All as the main threat to Japanese society. It’s just too bad that the fight between Re-Destro and Shigaraki didn’t go on for a little bit longer. We also didn’t get to see much from Gigantomachia.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia episode 112?

My default anime streaming site is Crunchyroll. Since Crunchyroll carries MHA, I’ll always go there first to watch new episodes. It’s not that they do anything unique or groundbreaking, I’ve just gotten used to how their site works. I could probably go to another anime streaming site and be just as content. I’m a creature of habit though, so I won’t be doing that unless Crunchyroll has some major technical issues.

If you don’t want to go to Crunchyroll, you can always head over to Funimation. At the time of this writing the two sites are still separate. If you didn’t know, Funimation purchased Crunchyroll. There has been no news as to what the future holds for Crunchyroll as of yet. For now, I’ll treat them as separate.

Funimation is another place that has the rights to stream MHA. They debut the most recent episodes at the same time as Crunchyroll. They also have content that’s not available at their newly acquired site. I ended up getting a subscription there because I wanted to watch the Demon Slayer movie. Got ahead and check out their site to see if they’ve got something you want to watch.

Anywhere else?

If Crunchyroll and Funimation don’t work for you, check out VRV. VRV has agreements with several other sites that allow them to stream content. Crunchyroll is one of those sites. By getting a subscription to VRV you gain access to Crunchyroll’s content. You also get access to all of the other sites they’ve got agreements with. It might be worth it for you to get a subscription over there so check it out.

Finally, you can watch the new episodes of My Hero Academia at Hulu. Hulu is typically my last option when it comes to streaming anime. That’s because I’ve only got the basic subscription, which means episodes are broken up by commercial breaks. I may have grown up having to watch commercials, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation provide anime commercial free for their paid subscriptions, so I’ll head there first.

Watch My Hero Academia Episode 112 at Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV or Hulu

How was the story in My Hero Academia episode 112?

People making excuses to not help Tenko Shimura

I didn’t mind what MHA episode 112 gave us, but I wouldn’t say that it was the best episode in this anime. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately. While the story about Shigaraki’s past is interesting and his ascendance to leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front is good as well, it doesn’t match up to other important moments in My Hero Academia. I was more impressed with the Shie Hassaikai story arc. I was also more impressed with the first half of season 5.

That’s not to say that Tomura Shigaraki’s awakening was bad. It successfully presented Shigaraki as the new main villain of MHA. I’m now interested in seeing how Shigaraki and Deku’s inevitable fight goes down. How will Deku deal with Shigaraki’s improved decay? Will Shigaraki be able to decay some of Deku’s body parts? That’s all I want to see now.

What do you think of Re-Destro’s abdication?

I was all for Re-Destro handing over his position as leader of the Meta Liberation Army until we saw him as a sniveling underling. How does the leader of a highly successful corporation as well as a criminal organization over 100,000 strong turn into a wimp in such a short amount of time? I didn’t like that look from him. It would’ve been better to have Re-Destro as a compliant but still capable leader.

That would be needed too, considering the lieutenants from the Meta Liberation Army are not yet sold on the League of Villains taking over. It’s natural that there would still be some lingering animosity between the two groups. They were just trying to kill each other after all. Re-Destro would be needed to help smooth things over. With the way he’s acting now, I wouldn’t be surprised if hostilities resurface. Maybe that’s the point, but I don’t think so.

What did My Hero Academia episode 112 get right?

I was all for Shigaraki’s power boost. He’s now a monster that has to be stopped. MHA episode 112 has turned a petulant child with a childish dream into a monster that actually has the power to accomplish his goal. This is a more mature, dangerous Tomura Shigaraki.

What helped in creating this monster was the backstory we got to see. If there’s one drawback to a society full of heroes it’s that common people look the other way when someone’s in trouble. What would’ve happened if someone would’ve taken the time to help a young Tenko Shimura while he was wandering the streets? That’s a question that we’ll never know the answer to. The fact that All For One is the person who helped the boy just means that he was put on a path towards destruction.

What did MHA episode 112 make you think of All For One?

My Hero Academia Episode 112 - All For One instructing Shigaraki

I got the feeling that All For One is grooming Shigaraki for something else. He didn’t take the boy in just because he’s a good guy. All For One has some other purpose in mind and he’s creating a follower who’s indebted to him. There’s no way that Shigaraki will turn against the man who provided for him and guided him. It doesn’t matter that All For One has something up his sleeve.

One For All may still be the anime’s main villain. He’s manipulative, sadistic and just downright twisted. You truly get the sense that One For All believes that he’s doing the right thing in his own mind, even though he’s fully corrupt. Watching him manipulate Shigaraki is chilling. You want someone else to help the boy, but that doesn’t happen. It’s tough to watch.

What did My Hero Academia episode 112 get wrong?

I would’ve liked to see a little bit more from Gigantomachia. We only got to see All For One’s bodyguard run through the streets on his way to find Shigaraki. His interaction with the Meta Liberation Army was limited to throwing a piece of a building at Geten. That was about it. I would’ve appreciated seeing him wreck the Meta Liberation Army a little bit more.

It was the League of Villain’s strategy after all. They were trying to buy time until Gigantomachia woke up and sniffed out Shigaraki. Now his arrival seems like an afterthought. The only point of him being in this episode is to show that Shigaraki is an acceptable successor to All For One. That was good, but it was less than what it could’ve been.

Didn’t you say something about Re-Destro earlier?

Re-Destro after abdicating to Shigaraki

Yes. After the big speech rebranding the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains as the Paranormal Liberation Front, Re-Destro was shown to be an obedient sycophant. It was not a good look and didn’t match up with his personality. Like I mentioned before, I expected a different Re-Destro, but a more mature and composed one. The jittery, hyperactive Re-Destro was not a good look.

If I were one of the lieutenants from the Meta Liberation Army, I’d be contemplating leaving and starting my own organization. Re-Destro is giving off the vibes that he’s a broken man. How does he expect to maintain control in this state?

Is My Hero Academia episode 112 worth watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 112 is worth watching. If you skip this episode then you’ll be missing a big portion of the story. This explains everything about how the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains merged into one organization. It also shows Gigantomachia accepting Shigaraki as All For One’s successor. It might not be the best moment in the entire MHA story, but it’s still good. Fans of My Hero Academia will be happy with this one.

My Hero Academia episode 113 preview

With Hawks’s work as an undercover agent, the news of everything happening with the Paranormal Liberation Front, the inevitable fight between heroes and villains is quickly coming up. I can say that because one of the important lines from the preview states “The signal fire for the start of total war has been lit.” If that’s not a sign that things are about to get interesting than I don’t know what is. I just wonder if we’ll have to wait for a season 6 before we get to see it all.

My Hero Academia Episode 113 preview

One thing’s for certain, whatever is going to happen will include the students from U.A. High School Hero Class 1-A. We should get to see some more training exercises as the students prepare. I suspect that none of them realize just what’s about to happen. It’ll be fun to see what comes next.

Now go watch some anime!

My Hero Academia Episode 113 Review

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