My Hero Academia Episode 113 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 113 Review

First off, My Hero Academia season 6 has been announced. That news dropped right after My Hero Academia episode 113 aired in Japan. That should come as a surprise to no one considering how popular the anime is. If that didn’t happen, we’d have a very disappointing end to the MHA anime because episode 113 leaves us on the edge of a huge fight. In some ways, episode 113 has the feeling that there will be another episode next week. Too bad we’re going to have to wait longer than that!

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia episode 113?

A better question might be “Where can’t you?” MHA is one of the most popular anime out there so there’s no shortage of places that want to get the streaming rights. That’s good news for fans of the series. I’ve singled out four different places you can go watch this anime episode because I think these are both the best as well as the most legitimate.

To start, I go over to Crunchyroll to watch the new My Hero Academia episodes. It’s been my choice for anime streaming for a while now. If an anime is going to be streamed at multiple different locations, I’m most likely going to watch it at Crunchyroll. At this point it’s mostly just out of habit. Why would I break that habit?

If I were to go anywhere else to watch MHA, it would probably be Funimation. I may not have a choice in the future whenever Funimation and Crunchyroll figure out how they’re going to operate moving forward. With Funimation now owning Crunchyroll it’s possible that the two services will merge into one. It’s also possible that they’ll stay separate. Only time will tell. As of now, the two sites are operating independently of each other and each of them carry MHA episode 113.

My Hero Academia Episode 113 - Shigaraki's evolution

Where else can I find it?

My third choice for watching episode 113 would have to be VRV. This site partners with multiple other streaming services to provide one place to watch a bunch of content. Crunchyroll is one of the sites VRV has partnered with. As such, you can watch all of Crunchyroll’s content if you have a subscription to either of the services. If that sounds appealing to you, go check it out.

Finally, you can also watch My Hero Academia episode 113 over at Hulu. Be warned, if you only have the basic subscription service from Hulu you’ll still have to sit through commercials. I’d only go over there to watch if neither Crunchyroll nor Funimation were working. I’d be surprised if that were to ever happen.

Watch My Hero Academia Episode 113 at Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV or Hulu

How was the story in My Hero Academia episode 113?

This was a good lead in to MHA season 6. The opposing sides were both built up, there was suspense from Hawks working undercover and by the end you really want to see what’s going to happen next. Like I mentioned in the intro, episode 113 almost feels like a lead in to next week’s episode. That’s an interesting way to end season 5.

The most intriguing part of the story has to be Hawks’s work undercover in the League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front. From delivering Best Jeanist’s body to Dabi to his urgency to find out Shigaraki’s backer, Hawks is playing a dangerous game. You heard that right. Hawks delivered what appeared to be Best Jeanist’s body to prove his allegiance. Is it actually Best Jeanist? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s a fake, but we don’t know that at the moment.

Hawks realizing that he needs to hurry and find out the Paranormal Liberation Front's secrets.

The more important moments with Hawks’s character come after his delivery to Dabi though. For someone so laid back, Hawks is really pressing himself to learn as much as he can quickly. That really brings into focus just how serious this situation is. If he fails in his mission, it could mean the end of Hero society. That’s what I got from MHA episode 113.

What else do you think about the story?

There was one little moment between Dr. Garaki and Shigaraki that if you missed it, you missed something big. In their conversation, Dr. Garaki let slip that his research was meant to help All For One acquire One For All. Once Shigaraki gets the power boost from Dr. Garaki, then he’ll be on his way to acquiring the quirk that eluded his successor.

That’s a big deal. If Shigaraki is able to get his hands on One For All then there will be no hope for a decent society ever again. There might not be anyone left besides those in Shigaraki’s group. We know that One For All is a hybrid quirk that came about in part because All For One gave a quirk to his brother, but can he take it back? That might be an interesting battle to look forward to!

Overall, I think the story in My Hero Academia episode 113 does a good job of getting you interested in seeing more. There are many unanswered questions that presumably will be answered in season 6.

What did My Hero Academia episode 113 get right?

I really enjoyed seeing the different tones for the different parts of the episode. The first half was focused on what was going on in the Paranormal Liberation Front. As such, the mood is tense, dark and foreboding. You feel the danger that Hawks is in as well as the importance of his mission. When episode 13 shifts to the students in Class 1-A, everything changes.

Class 1-A's development

When we turn our focus to Class 1-A the mood changes from ominous to upbeat. Suddenly there’s exciting music playing in the background while we watch different groups of students show off their new combo moves. There’s even a little humor as the training robots do their best to channel their inner Terminator. I’m not joking by the way. The robots say they’re the new Skynet and how it’s the new Judgment Day. It’s a nice little touch.

Just being able to see the students progress is one of the highlights of the episode. I think it’s been a strength of My Hero Academia season 5 as a whole. With a huge threat from the Paranormal Liberation Front looming, the kids are going to have to be ready to fight in order to survive. Having the opportunity to see how they’ve progressed is reassuring. Class 1-A might be useful in the upcoming fight.

It’s not all about Izuku Midoriya either. Everyone gets their time in the sun. Midoriya is obviously the last one to go and he’s really impressive, but so is everyone else. You come away with an impression that this isn’t just a story about one main character with a group of barely competent supporting characters. Class 1-A actually appears that they’ll be useful.

What else did you enjoy?

The after credit scene was perfect in building up the suspense. Starting with Class 1-A figuring out that they’ve all been assigned to the same operation, we’re brought to the edge of the fight. A large group of heroes are assembled in the mountains outside a city, ready to strike. We’re not given all of the details, we just know that something big is about to happen. We can only assume that Hawks was successful in passing along enough information to the Hero Commission.

My Hero Academia Episode 113 - Midoriya and Uraraka figuring out they're part of the same operation.

Even all of the smaller details helped build up this episode. Eri got a little moment where her quirk is acting weird. Are things going to start happening around her again? Will Eraser Head be forced to pass up on the big operation because he’ll need to be around Eri? If he’s not there to stop her quirk, Eri might end up killing someone on accident. How is this going to be handled going forward?

What did My Hero Academia episode 113 get wrong?

There’s only one criticism that I have of MHA episode 113. As the episode fades out it happens much too fast. It’s almost as if the fade out was put in because the animation studio realized that they only had a couple of seconds left and they had to end things. It’s something I would do when putting together a video. That’s not a compliment either.

Typically, you’d expect the final image to be held for a couple of seconds while a dramatic chord slowly fades us to black. I get the feeling that you know what I’m talking about. It’s an ending that leaves the viewer satisfied and complete. My Hero Academia episode 113’s ending leaves the viewer with a feeling of “That’s it?” I had to go back and re-watch it to make sure I didn’t miss something.

This oversight is surprising considering how well MHA has done in paying attention to details. I was expecting there to be an announcement in the episode that My Hero Academia season 6 has been confirmed. While we got the confirmation, it wasn’t through the episode itself. That was just disappointing.

Is My Hero Academia episode 113 worth watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 113 is worth watching. This is a good ending to a good season of MHA. It makes you want to see more. I’m excited to start season 6, whenever it comes out. We haven’t been given a date on when it’ll air, but I’m expecting the Spring of 2022. That’s when all of the seasons except season 4 have started. Maybe season 6 will start on my birthday like season 5 did. I’ll have to find something to occupy my time until we find out.

My Hero Academia Episode 113 - Training robots channeling their inner Terminator.

For fans of My Hero Academia, season 5 is well worth your time. It highlights everything that’s good with the anime. There’s lots of character development, action, suspense and world building. You won’t be disappointed if you take the time to watch it. If MHA keeps this up, we won’t have to worry about the anime being cut off before the story comes to a conclusion.

Now go watch some anime!

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