My Hero Academia Episode 38 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 38 - Class 1-A at the shopping mall

It’s the last episode of My Hero Academia season 2 and it does a good job of keeping the suspense high going forward.

Tomura Shigaraki is a child. All For One may be grooming him to be his successor, but Shigaraki behaves like my 5 year old son sometimes. It makes sense that he would have difficulty with people who have strong convictions that drive them. Wanting to burn things down just to do it won’t draw many people to his cause.

The main plot to My Hero Academia episode 38 is Shigaraki’s focus on trying to understand what he’s lacking as the leader of the League of Villains. The Hero Class 1-A trip to the mall is just an excuse to get Deku into contact with Shigaraki. Their conversation appears to be pivotal to Shigaraki’s mindset, but we’ll have to wait and see if his newfound conviction is enough to drive his agenda.

As I just mentioned, the students in Hero Class 1-A are at the mall. They’re there because the students are preparing for their summer camp training. Everyone needs something different, from clothing to power tools (Mineta), so they all end up breaking up into groups. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a slice-of-life anime. Uraraka and Deku’s budding relationship just furthers this point.

The two students are not officially an item yet, but it sure seems like they’re on the path to being one. While Deku is oblivious to this, Uraraka now has to think if she actually likes her friend. She was asked about it by Aoyama during their practical exam and appears to be trying to figure it out herself. In true anime fashion, this means that Uraraka becomes flustered easily and runs off, leaving Deku alone and confused.

Choosing this part of the anime to expound upon is a good idea. It also explains why there’s such a large following of fans for My Hero Academia. By reminding us that the students are, at heart, first year high school students, it makes it easy to relate to awkward situations like the one listed above. Everyone can relate to high school drama in some way.

My Hero Academia Episode 38 - Deku and Shigaraki

Unfortunately for Deku, there’s someone else at the mall who wants to give him a completely different type of uncomfortable situation. Shigaraki ends up running into Deku and the two have a chat while Shigaraki is threatening both Deku and the people at the mall. Shigaraki is trying to “find himself” or something and wants Deku’s input.

My Hero Academia sure knows how to go from one extreme to another pretty quickly. Just a moment ago we were seeing a lighthearted, awkward moment between Deku and Uraraka. Now we’re on the brink of chaos and death being dealt out at the shopping mall. That’s quite the 180 degree turn.

While I think this moment of My Hero Academia was meant to show us Shigaraki discovering his conviction, I still don’t see him as more than a man-child. To me, it appears that Shigaraki misses the point that both Deku and Stain derive their ideals from their perception of All Might. They don’t rely on All Might’s continuing presence to maintain those ideals.

If All Might were to disappear tomorrow, both Deku and Stain would still be driven by their strong beliefs. I came away from this episode thinking that Shigaraki believed that in order to destroy society, all he needed to do was to kill All Might. It’s like he just focused his hatred for society into one person. I have a hard time believing that his goals will be accomplished with the death of just one man.

I guess it doesn’t matter if I believe it or not. Shigaraki at least has a clear target in mind now. With this goal he can now go about recruiting members to the League of Villains. I guess you can say that Shigaraki went through some level of maturation as a result this talk.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 38 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 38 is worth watching. Despite me thinking that Shigaraki is still a boy in a man’s body I think that the entire situation with him and Deku is worth your time. Shigaraki almost killed Deku accidentally by getting excited during their talk. The typical high school moments were also fun to watch. It sometimes makes me wish I could go back to my high school days. Not really though.

Now go watch some anime!



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