My Hero Academia Episode 4 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 4 - Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya taking down the moster robot

My Hero Academia episode 4 is a good example of why I love watching anime!

It’s time for the U.A. High School entrance exam! For a school that accepts only 1 out of every 300 applicants it’s a big deal to do as good as possible in every aspect of the exam. Thankfully, we’re spared from watching the applicants do the written exam and go straight to the mock villain battle.

Izuku Midoriya is as nervous and awkward as ever. He still hasn’t used his new quirk and there’s hints that it will have major repercussions when he does. After scrambling for nearly the entire time trying to get a single point, Midoriya is faced with the special boss. It’s worth zero points but it’s threatening to crush the girl who kept him from falling on the way in to the exam.

Instinctively, Midoriya rushes to her aid and dispatches the robot in epic fashion. In one punch Midoriya saved the girl while also shocking all of the other applicants. The seemingly weak and unassuming Midoriya has a quirk that they all are in awe of. Unfortunately, with the exam over, it seems like Midoriya has failed.

This is the part of My Hero Academia that I think I love the most. Izuku Midoriya’s self-sacrifice is recognized by both other students and school officials. The girl he saved tried to share some of her points. The boy that was critical of Midoriya earlier realized that he was the true hero in the exam. U.A. scored Midoriya 60 Rescue Points, giving him enough to pass the test.

My Hero Academia Episode 4 - All Might
All Might informing Midoriya that he passed

All Might’s moving speech welcomes Midoriya into U.A. You can’t help but get excited as All Might also reveals that he’s going to be a teacher at U.A. What looked like a dismal failure has actually turned out to be a tremendous success! It’s just so much fun to watch!

It’s nice to see My Hero Academia end on such a high note. You want to see Midoriya succeed but the entire time he’s in the exam there’s the sinking feeling that he’s failing horribly. When he goes out of his way to rescue the girl it’s an emotional high, but the robot is still worth zero points. It makes sense that U.A. High School would have a category for intangible qualities, it was just hard to think that Midoriya was not going to pass the exam for a while.

One point to this anime episode that would’ve been lost on me back when the anime first aired is the reaction of Midoriya’s mom. You don’t truly understand the desire to see your child succeed until you have one of your own. Watching Midoriya’s mom eagerly pace outside his room for news from her son really got me. I understand her emotions. She wants her son to achieve his goals and is as emotionally invested in it as he is.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 4 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 4 is worth watching. This anime episode is the first time that Izuku Midoriya uses his new quirk. While it does destroy his legs and right arm, we’re treated to him taking down a monster sized robot. My Hero Academia episode 4 does nothing but get you more excited to see more from this anime. Thankfully there’s still 84 episodes to go!

Now go watch some anime!



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