My Hero Academia Episode 51 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 51 - Inko Midoriya and All Might

My Hero Academia episode 51 gives us a much needed break from the action we saw at the training camp and Camino Ward.

Don’t get me wrong, I love intense action partnered up with a compelling story. That’s what My Hero Academia has given us lately. But there does come a time when you just want to see some lighthearted fun. My Hero Academia episode 51 is that fun.

For at lest this anime episode, the kids of Class 1-A get to have some fun together. U.A. High School is moving them into dorms and they each get their own room to decorate how they see fit. This leads the girls of the class to organize a contest to see who has the best room. What follows next is a fun little romp around the dorms as we get a look into each student’s personal tastes.

I can’t say that there were any surprises when it comes to the different rooms. Everyone’s room matches up with their personality pretty well. Deku’s room is filled with All Might stuff. Jiro’s room is all about music. Iida’s room is filled with neatly organized books. Yaoyorozu’s room contains an oversized, expensive bed from her home. Everything fits.

The one character that really stands out in this whole ordeal is Mineta. His perv desires are on full display in My Hero Academia episode 51. Mineta’s basically slobbering all over himself this whole episode.

My Hero Academia Episode 51 - Mineta's perv side

Moving into the dorms is the chance Mineta has been waiting for. Now he’ll be in close proximity to all of the other girls in his class. Their rooms are just on the other side of the dorm. I’m sure we’ll get to see plenty more from him as My Hero Academia continues.

For all the fun that was had in this episode, there were some serious moments for us to consider. The first one was a carryover from My Hero Academia episode 50. Deku’s mom did not make things easy for All Might when the former hero visited the Midoriya household.

As any good parent would do, Inko Midoriya questioned U.A.’s ability to keep her son safe and wondered if Deku wouldn’t be better off going to a different school. She also worries about her son’s link with All Might. She’s not convinced that he should continue down the path of being a hero if Deku keeps destroying himself.

In a moment of emotional vulnerability, All Might vows to Inko that he’ll devote himself to raising Deku to be a proper hero. Inko is convinced that her son is on the right path when she sees the world’s most famous hero speak so highly of Deku.

This scene is a great reminder that while we might cheer on Deku and his actions to save others, it does have an effect on others. Deku really does have a good mom. She worries about him like any other mother would. Seeing her son destroy his body recklessly is almost too much for her to bear.

Inko also has the ability to end her son’s time at U.A. High School if she so chooses. She almost does so here. It is something that Deku will have to keep in mind the next time he’s faced with a decision to use One For All at 100%. If Deku can’t learn how to be a hero without nearly killing himself, then Inko will have to put a stop to his training herself.

The other serious moment comes before Class 1-A gets to go into their new dorm. Aizawa meets the class outside and tells the class that if the current situation were different, he would’ve expelled everyone who knew about the five students who went to save Bakugo. The only reason that Aizawa is not going to do that is because of All Might’s retirement and the need for more heroes.

My Hero Academia Episode 51 - Aizawa explaining he would've expelled almost everyone

Aizawa presses on the whole class the importance of working within the system that’s been set up so that everything works out in its proper way. If the students can’t do that, then they can’t become heroes. You can’t just do whatever you want, even if it’s for the right reason, and expect there not to be consequences.

This also brings to mind Tsu’s words back in the hospital. She pointed out that if they break the rules for their own desires, they’re acting just like villains. Now Tsu does apologize for saying this at the end of My Hero Academia episode 51, but she’s right to a certain degree.

The current system has been set up in order to peacefully maintain society in a world of quirks. Should people be allowed to use their quirks for any and every reason, as long as they feel it’s right, there would be a breakdown in order. We’ve seen how destructive heroes can be in facing off with villains. Magnify that by 100x or more and that’s what I’d suspect things would be like with no restraints.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 51 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 51 is worth watching. Even in an episode that’s more fun than action, My Hero Academia gives us quality content. It’s fun seeing each student’s personality reflected in their room. It’s also fun to see kids get to act like kids for once. They aren’t being thrust into stressful situations, being forced to make decisions like they’re adults.

I’d like to say that My Hero Academia episode 51 is a breath of fresh air, but it’s not like the anime has fallen off. It’s more like this episode is a refreshing reminder that we’re watching an anime about high school first years. I really enjoyed watching this episode and I think you will too!

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