My Hero Academia Episode 58 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 58 - Deku and All Might

Usually I’m not a fan of anime episodes that cut away from the main story, but this one wasn’t that bad.

Filler episodes are some of the most annoying things in anime. I almost stopped watching Black Clover recently because they gave us filler episodes that were just plain boring. Every trip to the beach, every side story about the comic relief character and every other story that you can think about that would distract us just gets old.

That said, I understand why My Hero Academia episode 58 is here and what it’s trying to accomplish. My Hero Academia episode 58 aired in Japan on 25 August 2018. At the same time, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was running in theaters. It opened to general audiences on 3 August 2018. My Hero Academia episode 58 is trying to help pump up interest in the movie.

It does a good job of that too. As of the time of this writing, I haven’t seen My Hero Academia: Two Heroes but you can be sure that tomorrow I’m going to spend the $0.99 on Amazon Prime and rent it. You’ll most likely see the review coming up shortly after that. Prior to watching My Hero Academia episode 58, I had no interest in watching Two Heroes. Well done MHA!

As far as the story for this episode is concerned, it’s a perfectly fine self-contained piece of work. Deku, Iida, Tsu, Bakugo, Uraraka and Todoroki are taking part in a special training session. Class 1-A is being broken up into these smaller teams and tossed into a simulated villain event to see how they’ll respond.

My Hero Academia Episode 58 - All Might's body is gone

What plays out is different than what you would expect, and the teachers get a cheap win. The purpose of the event is to get the students to think outside the box. It’s not an exercise where they can just go in and beat up the villain (which annoys Bakugo to no end). Deku, Iida, Tsu, Tsu, Bakugo, Uraraka and Todoroki are faced with a dead villain and three hostages tied up. It’s a classic “Who did it” mystery.

While it is a fun little romp away from the main story, it is a little hard to believe that Deku was able to figure everything out to the detail. It’s almost too easy. The students don’t even really search the scene for clues that much. All they do is stand around and talk about the scene that they’re faced with.

Before you say “They spotted the murder weapon” or “Iida checked out the back of the store” in an attempt to say that they searched for clues, those steps were about as easy as they could get. They didn’t search for any bystanders to question. They didn’t look for security footage (I’d bet there would be some for a jewelry store). All they do is concoct a story.

The story just happens to be on the mark except for one cheap detail. All Might, who was playing the villain, was not dead. He was playing dead and escaped while Deku was revealing the story. This little slip causes the group to fail. It’s a move that you’d expect from a kid that changes the rules to a game right in the middle just to gain an advantage.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 58 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 58 is worth watching. It is a departure from the main story but it’s not as distracting or annoying as other filler episodes. I actually enjoyed it. It’s a nice little departure from the story and it’s actually interesting. Now I have to go watch My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Now got watch some anime!



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