My Hero Academia Episode 88 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 88 - Endeavor

This is a surprisingly emotional episode to end My Hero Academia episode 88.

This is it! The final anime episode in My Hero Academia season 4. At least for a few days, it’s the final episode available in the My Hero Academia anime. What a way to end things too. It’s a fight that’s worthy of competing against anything that we’ve seen so far. This time it’s Endeavor that gets to be in on the action.

Fresh off the announcement that he’s the new number one hero, Endeavor is confronted by a high-end Nomu that’s on a quest to find the strongest opponent. Endeavor struggles against his opponent until he’s finally able to cement his position as the new number one hero. It was a hard fought battle that nearly caused a complete breakdown in civilized society.

I think My Hero Academia episode 88 does a good job of framing this battle as Endeavor fighting against the man he used to be. It’s no secret that he’s been a bad father and husband. You could even say that he’s been abusive to his family on his quest to surpass All Might. But there are signs now that he’s out to atone for his past mistakes and become a better man.

I’m glad Endeavor is making these moves. If he’s going to genuinely carry the mantle of being the number one hero, he can’t neglect his family. It would be hypocritical of him to represent the hero community while being the worst father and husband he could possibly be. He’d be on par with any religious leader who’s publicly fallen from grace after they’ve been found out to not be what they presented themselves as.

I believe that’s what makes this fight so emotional. It’s a fight for a man to reclaim his soul from what he used to be. He’s trying to become a better person and that’s admirable. It would be a shame if that journey was cut short.

My Hero Academia Episode 88 - Endeavor standing victorious after his fight with the Nomu

As far as the action is concerned, Endeavor’s abilities are amazing to watch. You could almost feel the heat coming through the screen as he ramps up the intensity. The high-end Nomu is a powerful opponent that appears to be nearly unbeatable. Endeavor is able to find a way though, going Plus Ultra in the process.

As far as a final episode is concerned, My Hero Academia put out as good of an episode as you could hope for. I mentioned this in my reviews of the episodes that involved Gentle Criminal, but I don’t really remember all of this action from when I first watched season 4. I think my memories of the incident with Overhaul pushed everything else out of my memories.

It’s a shame too, because My Hero Academia episode 88 might’ve become one of my favorite episodes in the entire anime. From my perspective, it had all I could ask for. Tons of action, danger, complex characters and an emotional moment of victory. I felt like I was watching Deku take down Muscular again, it was that good.

If you end up watching this episode make sure you don’t miss the after credit scene. Deku has a dream where all of the previous holders of One For All watch as All For One and his brother play out the scene of All For One giving his brother his quirk.

Deku reaches out to help and All For One’s brother reaches back. Their hands touch and it appears that Deku might’ve come away with some newfound power. At least that’s what’s inferred. This scene definitely makes you want to watch My Hero Academia season 5, if you weren’t already interested in it.

My Hero Academia Episode 88 - Deku's hand glowing after his dream

Is My Hero Academia Episode 88 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 88 is worth watching. Just read the above review as to why. There’s not much more I can put here that I haven’t already said. You won’t be disappointed in this episode. Now we just have to wait for a couple more days until season 5 comes out! I’m ready to see Deku take another step up in mastering One For All!

Now go watch some anime!



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